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Water Activated Tapes



Excellent tensile strength and optimum security for a range of hand-applied corrugate packaging applications.


WP Series reinforced paper tape contains a starch based water activated adhesive that provides an instant, aggressive bond to most corrugated surfaces. Fiberglass reinforcing filaments provide excellent tensile strength and optimum securty for a range of packaging applications.


With 5 products to choose from, the WP Series has just the right strength for high-value, hand-applied, special-care manufacturing processes.


  • Range of adhesive strengths for light duty carton sealing to heavy duty sealing for large, bulky or heavy content cartons.
  • Starch based water activated adhesive provides an instant, aggressive bond to most corrugate.
  • Available with custom print message for delivery of goods without pilferage.
  • Paper and adhesive are 100% biodegradable.



Water Activated Tapes are an easy, economical answer to a wide variety of basic carton sealing challenges. 3M Water Activated Paper Tape 6147, with our 3-way fiber glass reinforcement and high-tack, water activated adhesive, ensures your corrugated boxes stay sealed until ready for opening. For our 3 way fiber glass reinforcing pattern we lace lengthwise threads with a diamond cross-machine pattern. The lengthwise threads are composed of 75 Denier Fiberglass at 33/64″. The spacing ratio is 2-1-1-1-2. We then cross machine threads using 50 Denier Fiberglass to complete the diamond pattern using slightly less than 1-1/4″ spacing between threads. In tandem with the reinforced virgin kraft paper, our high-tack water activated adhesive system holds the tape in place throughout shipping, handling and storage. The tape is 3″ wide, 8.5 mil thick and is available in natural and white colors.


  • Moistened adhesive interacts with porous surfaces to form a powerful, secure bond
  • Tape forms a tamper-evident seal that shreds if an attempt is made to pull it off before delivery
  • Paper construction is easy to handle, making it ideal for hand applications
  • Boxes are sealed secure, yet easy to open without cutting tools
  • Coreless rolls reduce waste and simplify roll changes

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Masking Tapes



Industrial poly-film tape for demanding indoor/outdoor applications. PE 444 poly-film tape is the solution for indoor and outdoor stucco and masking applications- no matter how demanding. Only Shurtape offer a film tape with ultra-violet (UV) inhibitors to protect your project from the sun’s damaging rays. And thanks to its special synthetic high-tack adhesive, PE 444 provides a watertight seal even in the most severe environments and weather conditions.


Despite its high tack, PE 444 removes cleanly with no residue. The quick clean up will help you cut back on man-hours and costly cleaning materials. Its easy unwind and conformability make it ideal for general purpose uses. And it’s designed to work on non-painted surfaces such as wood, vinyl, metal tile and other
synthetic surface.



What happens when the elements and UV rays begin to break down the adhesive and backing material of masking tape? Adhesive transfer – leaving behind a sticky mess to clean up.


When you need a premium masking tape that can withstand the elements, our PC 667 offers the robust protection that you require for stucco, plaster and concrete masking applications. Featuring UV and moisture resistance up to 14 days, it also offers high tack, excellent conformability and clean removal.


More protection, less clean up. A better job done.


Clean Removal
UV and moisture resistance provides up to 14 days of clean removal, saving money on costly labor and clean up materials. Protects and removes cleanly from a variety of non- painted surfaces:


Metal, glass, wood, concrete, vinyl, plastic, tile and synthetic surfaces


High Tack
Unique high tack adhesive system offers superior performance and strong adhesion in the most demanding temperatures


Easy to use
Tears straight and easy, and conforms well to curved and irregular surface



NEW Razor Edge Gold – Outperforms ordinary blue tape.


Our newest premium painter’s tape leaves the sharpest, cleanest lines imaginable. Razor Edge Gold is the best tape for any painting project. This high performance tape won’t rip or sliver, and its superior paper backing prevents unsightly bleed- through.


Razor Edge Gold uses a new adhesive to remove cleanly, leaving no residue. Our low tack adhesive also removes easily from delicate surfaces and won’t damage drywall, faux finishes, or fresh paint – 24 hours old.


Razor Sharp Lines
Special backing reduces bleed-through, leaving sharper lines when compared to masking tapes.


Clean Removal
Easy removal from walls and other surfaces for up to 60 days.


Low Tack
Won’t damage delicate surfaces like drywall or fresh paint, 24 hours old.



Introducing CF 30, the premier masking tape for detail painting projects. Its fine structured crepe backing allows you to easily round corners and edge any irregular shape. When painting molding and trim, CF 30 is the perfect solution. Apply it to painted sheet rock, wood, wallboard, or ceramic tile and it removes cleanly every time. The backing also reduces bleed-through to prevent costly clean up.


Paint masking tape is a natural colored painter’s tape that provides easy unwind with excellent conformability. It works especially well with spray primers and knock-downs for walls. It offers superior paint lines while resisting abrasion, moisture, and curling.



CP 27 sticks and stays affixed to surfaces without lifting or flagging. It now sticks better to the wall and to itself, when overlapping strips of tape. By not lifting or flagging, CP 27 prevents seepage and leaves sharper, cleaner paint lines.


CP 27 works on almost any surface: cured painted surfaces, metal, wood, glass and more. It works indoors and out; it’s UV-resistant for 14 days. It removes easily to leave sharp lines and no residue. No bleed-through or slivering either. This is the masking tape to use on painting projects – home and commercial.


  • Increased Tack –Sticks and stays affixed to surfaces without lifting or flagging.
  • Residue Free –Removes cleanly from cured painted surfaces, glass, wood and metal.
  • UV Resistant –Lasts up to 14 days in sunlight



8-Day ShurRELEASE removes cleanly from painted wood, glass, painted sheetrock and metals for up to 8 days. This premium grade tape offers UV resistance, flex- ibility and conformability. CP 20 has high shear values for securing drop cloths and a consistent surface contact for secure holding power. With a rubber-based adhesive, CP 20 offers a Med-High adhesion capability. This is the masking tape to use on painting proj- ects – home and commercial.


  • Increased Tack – Sticks and stays affixed to surfaces without lifting or flagging.
  • Residue Free – Removes cleanly from cured painted surfaces, glass, wood and metal for up to 8 days.
  • UV Resistant – Crepe paper offers UV Resistant for up to 14 days.



Shurtape’s CP 800/900 series tapes provides a unique solvent rubber adhesive that offers a fast, strong hold with a carefully controlled unwind. Removal is painless and residue-free, and thanks to its splice-free paper backings, tearing and pull- aparts are a thing of the past. The CP 800/900 series also stays true to its original color even when exposed to high heat.


For thinner pipes with smaller diameters, CP 800’s creped backing is very cost- efficient; select CP 900’s fine-structured crepe construction for the higher heat content of larger, thicker pipes. You’ll find both of these tapes as serious about reliable performance as you are about coating steel pipes.

CP 743


Our low matte photographic masking tape is engineered specifically for light-free masking when reproducing photographs. CP 743 is ideal for cropping, edging, and positioning negatives for contact printing. Photographers also use CP 743 to seal camera bellows and film holders against light leaks, and for general usage in the studio.


  • Light Blockage – Pinhole free backing blocks out light to avoid time consuming touch-ups Ensures light-free masking for high quality photo reproduction
  • Reduced Light Reflection – Low matte backing prevents light reflection to provide clear prints
  • Less Clean Up – Removes cleanly from most surfaces to prevent costly clean up
  • Quick Stick – Aggressive adhesion



CP 631 is a colored masking tape which can be used for a variety of tasks including labeling, color-coding, decorating, packaging, holding, banding and more. The 12 available colors make arts & crafts projects all the more fun to tackle.


This is the only tape of its type on the market that has been tested against US government standards for the absence of heavy metals that could be harmful to your health (signified by the ASTM D-4236 checkmark in the core). CP 631 is silicone-free and its core is made of a paper material that is > 90% post-consumer waste, so we are doing our part for the environment.


When you want your work to stand apart from the rest, use a tape that does the same – CP 631.



To win in today’s highly competitive marketplace, you need the right tools. And that includes your masking tapes. So 3M has created a simple, 5-tape system to help you choose the right tape for your job. Five tapes, built on increasing levels of performance and a common goal of helping you finish jobs worth finishing. It’s Industrial Masking Made Simple.


  • Cost effective solution for indoor light-duty applications
  • Crepe paper backing provides easy tearing
  • Provides conformability on irregular surfaces and around corners
  • Hand tearable and sliver resistance with one piece removal for easy use
  • Ideal for marking, temporary holding, wrapping and sealing


Value Industrial Masking Tape 101+ is a cost-effective crepe paper tape that holds, bundles, seals and performs other non-critical taping jobs where a pressure sensitive tape is needed. This tape offers controlled unwind to prevent shredding or splintering and tears easily from the roll by hand.


3M Masking tape remains in place around corners and over contoured surfaces. Our rubber adhesive sticks instantly to paper, metal, wood plastic, glass, painted, and other clean surfaces and resists lifting or curling. Designed to perform best indoors, this tape comes off the roll smoothly for easy control. And after the job is done, the strong paper backing resists unwanted tearing and slivering when removing, minimizing potential frustration.


Recommended Applications

  • Light bundling
  • Temporary labeling
  • Overwrapping
  • Hanging temporary signage

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3M Tape – Masking Made Simple

Duct Tapes



Meet code on every job. Seal it with Shurtape. Sealing ductboard, flex duct or sheet metal? Shortage has a full line of all-weather foil tape, flexible film tape, cloth duct tape, and roll mastics for the HVAC contractor. We work with contractors, building inspectors and code enforcers to ensure our tapes meet UL performance standards. Use our UL-listed tapes and you’ll never worry about meeting code. You’ll get the job done right the first time with our consistent quality – roll after roll.


  • Superior shear adhesion holds a 100-gram load without slipping (24 hour evaluation after exposure to 150 ̊F for 60 days)
  • No adverse effects after exposure for 60 days up to 212 ̊F
  • High resistance to mold growth and humidity
  • UL 181 listed specification printed directly on the tape is easily identified by inspectors



PC 857 delivers first class performance under the toughest conditions. Specifically formulated for Class I flex duct applications, UL 181B-FX Listed PC 857 gives you unbelievable performance in the installation of flex duct connections.


With its aggressive quick stick and adhesion to polyethylene and stainless steel, PC 857 meets or exceeds most UL and flex duct manufacturer requirements, plus city and state codes.


When you need first class performance on Class I flex duct, make premium grade duct tape your first choice to meet UL 181B-FX requirements.


  • Superior shear adhesion holds a 100-gram load without slipping in a 24 hour evaluation after exposure to 150 ̊F for 60 days
  • No adverse effects after exposure for 60 days up to 212 ̊F
  • Highly resistant to mold growth and humidity
  • High shear resistance
  • UL 181B-FX Listed specification printed directly on the tape is easily identified by inspectors



We call it PC 590. you’ll call it the Industry Standard.

Shurtape PC 590 demonstrates superior quality in a 7 mil duct tape. Utilizing our state-of-the-art calendaring process, PC 590 sets the standard for the economy grade market and it rounds out our full line of industrial grade products. Cloth duct tape works in a wide range of applications and provides dependable results every time. Use cloth duct tape for packaging, bundling, sealing, seaming, repairing, holding and waterproofing. Its aggressive tack and easy handling make it the right choice for everyday jobs.


economy grade Cloth duct tape for:

  • packaging, bundling, sealing, repairing, holding, and waterproofing
  • plumbing and asbestos abatement
  • Aggressive tack
  • Good adhesion
  • Excellent conformability
  • Good handling –does not twist or curl during application



When it comes to joining, sealing or patching Class 1 Flex Duct, the tape you use is required to meet strict code requirements. We’ve cracked the code for HVAC professionals with our DC 181 Class 1 Flex Duct tape, ensuring it is UL 181B-FX Listed. Available in black or metalized silver printed OPP film, DC 181 allows you to seamlessly match your work to flex duct.


With the superior holding power and cold temperature performance of an acrylic adhesive and the excellent conformability of a film tape; DC 181 adheres to a non-rigid surface without delaminating, even in cold temperatures. Our tape does the work, and you get the credit.



  • UL 181B-FX Listed
  • Tested in accordance with UL 723
  • Green Point contributor product
  • Superior stability during extreme fluctuations in temperatures
  • Adhesive and film characteristics enable the user to reposition tape during initial application stage
  • Double the length of standard duct sealing tape with 120 yard rolls
  • Tensile strength 30 lbs/in width
  • Adhesion to stainless steel 44 oz/in width
  • Thickness 2.7 mils
  • Elongation 125 %
  • Application Temperature range -10 ̊ F to 210 ̊ F



IPG’s AC49 is a high strength, premium quality METALIZED polyethylene coated cloth tape. A versatile, high preforming product, AC49 applies easily, will not curl when unwound and conforms well to irregular surfaces- providing superior performance and durability over a wide range of conditions.



  • Designed to provide the surface of a foil tape and the east application of a cloth duct tape
  • Perfect for challenging surfaces, seaming, protecting, and repair applications
  • Works well for vapor sealing, sheet metal duct work and general purpose heavy duty service



  • Metalized coating helps protect tapes from UV and blends well where bright finished duct work is left exposed
  • Seals flexible duct systems, adheres well to fiberglass insulation board and holds insulation materials in place
  • Hand tearable and easily applied
  • Excels in high heat and humid conditions
  • Conforms well to corners and irregular surfaces
  • Meets HUD and BOCA codes; tested in accordance with UL723

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Specialty Tapes



The Multipack Solution combines Scotch Multipack Tape with CEFMA packaging equipment. These energy-efficient machines reduce costs, enhance production speed, and are easy to implement in any production line. Developed from the same technology as Post-it Notes, Scotch Multipack Solutions Tape is repositionable, enabling customers to remove it without damaging the primary packaging. It uses less material than shrink wrap for a greener solution and does not mask the branding on the original packaging.


  • Transparent, 1.9 mil (0.049 mm) thick clean removal tape formulated for bundling consumer products into multipacks
  • Polypropylene backing can be custom printed for eye-catching display
  • Holds firmly and removes cleanly without damaging primary package graphics
  • Apply manually or use with automated equipment
  • Alternative to shrink films, banding, boxes and bags
  • Choose from stacked, side-by-side, upright or custom bundling options


Scotch® Clean Removal Multipack Solutions Tape 694 is specifically designed for bundling consumer products into multipacks. It combines a transparent, custom-printable polypropylene backing and an acrylic adhesive to create a tape strong enough to secure a range of bundling configurations and remove cleanly without damaging packaging.

Multipack Solution



PF 220 is a Shurtape product designed to protect uninstalled HVAC equipment and galvanized steel ductwork from contaminants, such as dirt, dust, moisture and insects. PF 220 is formulated to achieve superior clean removability. In addition to not leaving residue, Shuretape Protective Film is engineered with increased elongation which reduces the amount of product used for a single application. Other features include protection of ductwork when it’s being stored, transported or used in “cleanrooms,” where contamination would be unacceptable.


PF 220 ensures protection of ducts against contaminants, debris, and contamination occurring from dust, moisture, dirt and insects.

Holds strong, but easily removed
Maintains a strong seal during storage, installation and transport, yet is easily removed without leaving residue.

Weather resistant
Designed for extended UV exposure with the added benefit of a cold-weather adhesive.



Did you know there is a special tape made for line sets?

Shurtape’s new LS 300 Line Set Tape is a specialty UV resistant tape made just for covering HVAC line sets. LS 300 acts as a protective shield on line sets—protecting them from harsh sunlight that over time degrades unprotected or poorly protected foam insulation. Unlike conventional electrical tape or duct tape, LS 300 is made of polypropylene film that unwinds easily and conforms to irregular surfaces. And the poly- propylene film is built for the outdoors—it stands up to rain, snow, sleet, even temperatures ranging from -35°F to 210° F. This specialty tape is an essential product for the tool box of HVAC contractors who want to complete their installations with a tidy and long lasting seal.


Durable OPP film and acrylic adhesive
Line Set Tape will not delaminate over time. The combination of polypropylene film and acrylic adhesive makes LS 300 printed film tape durable and long lasting.


High adhesion

Excellent holding power—even in extreme weather. Adheres quickly and easily to foam pipe insulation and HVAC components.


Easy to use
Conforms easily to the curves and contours of line sets.



Now when the lights go out you can see what you need and where to go with Shurtape’s Glow in the Dark gaffers tape. And with its cloth-like conformability you can easily mark surfaces, such as marking entrances and exits, loading areas and stairs. Our newest coated cloth tape features a photo-luminescent pigment, offering the same strong adhesive and bonding qualities you’ve come to expect from Shurtape. And when the show is over, our premium synthetic adhesive removes easily, leaving no residue.


Our Glow in the Dark gaffers tape is hand-tearable in both directions — a feature only available from Shurtape — and quickly conforms to complex 3D surfaces. Professionals can easily write and print with no smudging. Its premium photo-luminescent lime green pigment provides increased duration and light intensity, meeting ASTM International standards for use as safety markings in windowless areas.


Shurtape Glow in the Dark gaffers tape:lighting the way to safer, brighter workspaces.



Improving energy efficiency of a home is one of the best ways to save money and preserve our planet’s resources. To maximize energy conservation, select AF 600 High Temperature Foil Flue Tape. Leaks in pipes, vents, and ducts are no match for this tape, regardless of the temperature or humidity. AF 600 adheres to almost any household surface from insulation to metal ducts, from water heater flues to dryer vents.


Splice, hold, and patch with confidence thanks to this linered tape’s heat resistant surface and long lasting hold. Rest assured that you’re choosing the right tape for your project and the planet since AF 600 is a Green Point Contributor Product and tested in accordance with UL 723.



Everyday, people are counting on the quality and reliability of your work. You need a tape that you can count on too. Our cold temperature foil tapes are some of our most durable and resilient products, equipped to handle dramatic temperature changes. Once applied, our maximum strength cold temperature foil tapes never stop working for you. The cold temperature foil tapes were designed to form an air and water tight seal on all your joints and seams. Since it’s one of the only Green point contributor tapes available, you can feel even more confident about choosing a Shurtape product.


Don’t risk a difficult or dangerous repair during extreme weather. Our cold temperature foils allow you to apply tape in temperatures ranging from 20 below to 260 degrees Fahrenheit. Our tapes do the work, so you won’t have to.


AF 100

  • HVaC Printed
  • ul 181a-P/B-FX listed aluminum Foil Tape
  • For joining and sealing joints, connections, and seams on rigid fiberglass duct board and Class 1 Flex Duct.
  • Provides air-tight bond
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Superior stability during extreme fluctuations in temperature
  • resists water vapor and other HVaC duct contaminations
  • Static shear on high/low temperatures in excess of six hours


AF 914ct

  • General Purpose aluminum Foil Tape
  • To seal and join aluminum backed or fibrous insulation and metal ductwork
  • For metal and sheet metal repair
  • Superior stability during extreme fluctuations in temperature
  • Tested in accordance with ul 723
  • Green Point contributor product
  • resists water vapor, odor and smoke transmission
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Indefinite product life after application


AF 975ct

  • Contractor Grade aluminum Foil Tape
  • To seal and join aluminum backed or fibrous insulation and metal ductwork
  • For metal and sheet metal repair
  • Superior stability during extreme fluctuations in temperature
  • Tested in accordance with ul 723
  • Green Point contributor product
  • resists water vapor, odor and smoke transmission
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Indefinite product life after application



We want every project to make a mark, but not always a permanent one. Shurtape’s Floormate is the best solution for applying temporary tape on wood floors coated with water-based polyurethane paint systems, including gym floor boundaries and for securing protective floor coverings in a residential/commercial setting, providing a faster, more affordable answer than traditional methods – with no finish damage.


Smooth, curved lines are made possible by the conformable backing on our tape, which can also be used for paint masking. PE 100 is more durable than most paper tapes, is available in colors and removes without tearing or splintering.


So when you think of using a temporary tape on a water-based wood floor finish, think Shurtape FloormateTM – for a tape that stays down when you want it, but comes up clean.



Our premium HP Carton Sealing Tape is now available with printed messages. Shurtape HP 240 helps prevent pilferage and reduces shipping claims. Printed messages are locked between the film and the adhesive which eliminates smudging, and will not effect the performance of the seal. These printed messages prevent tampering and alert handlers to special care instructions.


Like all of our HP Series Carton Sealing Tapes, HP 240 is constructed of biaxally-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, with a propietary hot melt adhesive for unequaled holding power. When you seal a carton with HP, the carton stays closed. Every time.


From manual applications to automated packaging lines, HP 240 releases smoothly off the roll and delivers consistent tension. No flagging, no bottleneck– just a secure seal on every package out the door.



Our premium HP carton Sealing Tape is developed for superior performance.


Versatility– Shurtape HP carton sealing tape 200 is developed for superior performance in automated or manual industrial carton sealing applications. Hand rolls feature Shurtape TR20 release s for consistent unwind and ease of use. Designed also to perform in miscellaneous packaging, holding and repair applications.


Strength-Intended for light duty carton sealing, bundling, and repairing of cartons, paper and film bags in normal manufacturing and shipping conditions. Like all of our HP Series Carton Sealing Tapes, HP 200 is constructed of biaxally-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, with a propietary hot melt adhesive for unequaled holding power. When you seal a carton with HP, the carton stays closed. Every time.


Consistency– From manual applications to automated packaging lines, HP 200 releases smoothly off the roll and delivers consistent tension. Also developed with a tough, aggressive and consistent case sealing performance and high holding power on corrugated cartons.



Shurtape has developed PC658 Bottom Board tape not only meets, but also exceeds the rigorous demands of the manufactured home industry.


Competitive tapes are harder to tear and have a tendency to wrinkle. PC658 has both excellent tensile strength and industry-leading adhesion, necessary for tough applications such as surface masking in meaning operations where these characteristics are valuable. In addition, PC658 preforms well under extreme temperature conditions and offers premium thickness for heavy duty performance. And it still makes the best bottom board seals in the industry.


Seams and Seals
Seaming and sealing bottom board materials used in the mobile/manufactured housing industry.


Repairs holes in bottom board left by plumbers, electricians, ect. during setup and construction.


Protection of metal parts or surfaces in metal/plastic meaning operations


High Adhesion
Perfect for tough applications requiring excellent tensile, extremely high adhesion, and thickness.



Tesa tape is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self adhesive tape for the signage industry. Backed by more than a century of experience, the company’s core product competence ranges from high-performance single-sided tapes to an extensive range of industry- leading double-sided tapes for bonding applications.


By supplying industries such as automotive, electronics, and paper production, tesa proves its ability to fulfill the most demanding customer requirements on a daily basis.


Take a closer look:

  • Worldwide availability of thousands of products
  • Certified to ISO standards:
  • ISO 9001:2008; ISO/TS 16949:2009; ISO 14001:2004
  • On-time delivery
  • Local technical expertise and support


Applications for Tape for the Signage Industry:

  • Mounting during the production process
  • Mounting during installation
  • Masking during spray painting or powder coating
  • Protection of sensitive surfaces
  • Permanent bonding between stacked or layered materials


Bonding Power
tesa® ACXplus is a powerful bonding technology designed for materials with different surface characteristics. Its acrylic adhesive system secures optimal “wetting” and chemically adapts to the bonded surface. Moreover, the tape thickness can be adjusted to compensate for rough and uneven surfaces. The result is permanent contact and complete sealing of the joined surfaces. This leads to a high strength, long-term bond which will last for decades.


Stress Dissipation

During the life cycle of a component, static and dynamic stresses act upon the constructive bond. In some circumstances, stresses in the bonded joint are caused by different thermal elongations of the respective substrates. Due to the viscoelastic properties of tesa® ACXplus, the ensuing stresses can be optimally dissipated to ensure a secure bond. Extreme temperature changes are tolerated, even for joining substrates with different elongation factors.


Temperature and Weather Resistance tesa® ACXplus provides high resistance to temperatures and different weather conditions. The main reason is the oxidation resistance of the fully saturated carbon chain, which is the foundation of the acrylates used in tesa® ACXplus. Furthermore, the special curing chemistry forms an outstanding temperature-resistant polymer network, resulting in a superior bond that resists temperature, weather, ultraviolet light, and chemical influences.

Tape for the Signage Industry

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RG400 is designed for applications where the highest performance of 100# of tensile is needed. Although there are other 100# products on the market, RG400 is constructed for the distinctive product application requirement where a higher performing product is needed.


This filament tape boasts the highest level of adhesion for this level of tensile strength currently produced in the market. If aesthetics are important, RG400 offers contact clear “lanes” between evenly spaced and straight filaments for easy read through of graphics.

Product Features

  • Excellent adhession properties
  • Hand breakable construction… no application equipment or knives required
  • Readable graphics through contact clear construction
  • Excellent delamitation resistance for ease of use when having to stop, break and restart a roll

Product Applications

  • Excellent for strapping and palletizing
  • Load stabilization
  • Temporary encasement

Electrical Tape


Electrical and Electronic Tapes are available with a wide range of backings and adhesive systems to meet the demanding application requirements of the electric, electronic and aerospace industries.


These engineered products are manufactured under the strictest standards to deliver the highest level of performance and reliability. Many IPG Electrical Insulation Tapes are UL listed (file # E20780) and CSA certified (File# LR94980).


Within the most comprehensive product line in the industry, Intertape Polymer Group has the ideal solution to your most demanding applications. High voltage insulation applications put extra demands on tape. IPG offers a specialty line of tapes with unique characteristics suited to these situations, including zone coating that allows for complete varnish impregnation.



9 mil hand tearable UPVC (vinyl) is coated on 2 sides with an aggressive acrylic adhesive for adhesion to a variety of substrates. The 3.2 mil white SCK liner additionally promotes excellent handling and release characteristics for processing.


Features and benefits:

  • Overall thickness supports gap filling requirements for textured and rough surfaces
  • Some of the highest adhesion values in this product category in the industry
  • Hand tears easily, excellent for trophy and plaque mounting applications
  • Suitable for long term permanent bonding



8 mil double coated polyester is coated with an aggressive acrylic adhesive on two sides. The white 2 mil polyester liner promotes excellent processing and die cutting characteristics.


Features and benefits:

  • Good overall thickness for filling gaps and rough surface applications
  • White polyester liner limits tape elongation in processing for extrusions
  • Excellent temperature performance range
  • Stable bonding to Low Surface Energy (LSE) Plastics and EPDM materials



Double Coated Tissue Tapes are designed to be durable yet easy to handle so it saves valuable processing time and reduces cost by virtually eliminating breakage. Much of this durability is due to the heavy duty release liner that contributes added strength, making it converter friendly!


Additional performance advantages:

  • Quick initial tack (perfect for flying splice and general bonding)
  • Excellent high temperature performance
  • Hand-tearable for ease of handling
  • Virtually eliminates breakage



Adhesive transfer tapes with acrylic adhesive on an easy-release poly-coated kraft paper liner. High shear strength, excellent adhesion properties at all temperatures, and resistance to UV light. Adheres well to a variety of surfaces.

ATG 160 is Ideal for

  • Photo mounting (ISO:18916 photo safe)
  • Scrapbooking
  • Matting
  • Splicing paper& foil

ATA 200 & 400 are Ideal for

  • Lamination to textured surfaces
  • Name plate mounting
  • Outdoor display assembly
  • Bonding plastic trim
  • Self-adhesive business forms



Adhesive transfer tapes with acrylic adhesive on an easy-release polycoated kraft paper liner. High sheer strength, excellent adhesion properties at all temperatures, and resistance to UV light, solvents, weak acids /bases, and oils. Adheres well to variety of surfaces.


  • Easy to die cut and process
  • Excellent solvent resistance
  • Consistent release from linear
  • No backside transfer
  • Easy to apply, No Mess


  • Outdoor display assembly
  • Metal bonding/mounting
  • Self-adhesive business forms
  • High temperature applications
  • Name plate & touch pad mounting
  •  Lamination to textured surfaces



Aluminum foil tapes address the most significant application usage range within the industrial, HVAC, aerospace, appliance, and marine industries:


  • Joining pipe installation jackets
  • Seaming fiberglass duct boards
  • Sealing insulation to create a vapor barrier
  • Reflecting and dissipating both heat an light
  • Patching Sheet metal ductwork
  • Protective masking during chemical paint stripping


Aluminum foil tapes are engineered with an aggressive long lasting pressure-sensitive adhesive that demonstrates superior bonding when exposed to both sub zero and elevated temperatures. The shiny UV resistant foil backing offers an enhanced appearance, excellent reflective and flame retardant properties, and remains flexible to resist cracking and lifting around irregular or curved surfaces.


Acrylic adhesive foil tapes are formulated to withstand hot and cold temperatures extremes, as well as the industry’s highest level if solvent resistant protection. Taking the guesswork out of choosing a foil tape product.

ALF-300L & ALF-300

  • Meets requirements for masking of aircraft surfaces during chemical paint stripping
  • Instant water resistant adhesion to clean/dry surfaces
  • Flexible; conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Recommended minimum application temperature 35 F
  • Conforms to Government Spec SAE-AMS-T-23397B
  • Product Applications: Mask for chemical paint stripping of aircraft, underlay for PMB blast tape, electroplating, HVAC

ALF-200L & ALF-200

  • For general purpose seaming, patching and sealing
  • Enhances appearance and maintains vapor barrier integrity
  • Excellent adhesion to clean, dry surfaces
  • Flame retardant/UV resistant
  • Product applications: HVAC Duct Wrap, protective mask for chemical stripping of metal and other surfaces


  • For Seaming and sealing fiberglass duct board and duct wrap
  • Enhances appearance and maintains vapor barrier integrety
  • High tack rubber based adhesive
  • Recommended minimum application temperature 40 F (4 C)
  • Product Applications: HVAC Applications


  • Seams/Seals FSK duct board and insalation
  • Enhances appearance and maintains vapor barrier integrety
  • Long Lasting Adhesion to clean/dry surfaces
  • Full bond within 24 hours
  • Remains Flexible to resist cracking and lifting
  • Resistant to mold and mildew release coated kraft liner
  • Product Applications: HVAC


  • For terminate joining, seaming, and sealing of pipe insulation jackets, white FSK laminated blanket, duct board and flexible duct joints
  • Enhances appearance and maintains vapor barrier integrety
  • Long lasting adhesion to clean/dry surfaces
  • Flame Retardant/ UV resistant; release coated kraft linear
  • Product Applications: HVAC, Pipe insulation wrap



You don’t have time to get caught up in the complexities of selecting the right adhesion — you have a business to run. 3M understands this and now makes selecting the right high-quality tape easier than ever. the X-Series Adhesive transfer tapes help you quickly find a tape that aligns with your specific application.


X-Series High Performance Adhesive Transfer Tapes are frequently used in applications that require excellent shear strength performance, such as hanging posters and signs, trophy and recognition placards, nameplates, and decorative trim and molding. 3M X-Series High Performance Double coated tapes are also used in high or low temperature applications by manufacturers for their temperature performance and holding power.


  • Medium-firm acrylic adhesive
  • High peel and sheer strength
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • -40°F to 450°F temperature range
  • Target Application: Attach plastic extrusions, moldings, or profiles to metal


XT-Series High Tack Acrylic Tapes adhere well to smooth but hard to stick surfaces such as coated papers, paperboard, and plastics, but are soft enough to attach moderately textured materials like fabric or foam. Common attachment applications include graphically printed coated papers, paperboard and films in the print, POP and packaging markets. The are also frequently used by industrial manufacturers to attach plastic moldings and trim.


  • Excellent initial adhesion
  • ”Wets out” surfaces for secure hold
  • Moderate shear strength
  • Good UV and chemical resistance
  • Target Application: Securely attach glossy-coated paperboard in retail POP display.


XG- Series General Purpose Acrylic Tapes are ideal for paper stocks, thin films and foils. Widely used in commercial print, graphic arts, and packaging and fulfillment applications, the relatively clean acrylic adhesive is typically less reactive than other formulations and is often used in sensitive applications.


  • Medium-firm acrylic adhesive
  • Works in low temperatures
  • Moderate peel strength
  • Doesn’t discolor when exposed to UV light
  • Target application: Attach and assemble printed materials (commercial printing)


3MTM XR-Series Rubber Adhesive Tapes remove cleanly from most smooth surfaces, but also adhere well to porous or rough surfaces. these tapes are often used in retail and point-of-purchase markets for tags, labels, posters and signs. the heavier-weight tapes are used for fixturing and plate mounting applications, as well as in attaching commercial carpet and adhering foams and fabrics. 3MTM X-Series rubber adhesive tapes also adhere well to paperboard and corrugated for packaging.


  • Rubber adhesive — quick stick
  • Removable from most smooth unified surfaces
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive is moisture and humidity resistant
  • Target application: Temporary attachment, fixturing and mounting



Natural Rubber Adhesives have long been the preferred choice for metal coil tabbing, splicing and other tape applications involving oily metal surfaces—until now. 3M introduces a portfolio of products utilizing a proprietary breakthrough technology: Modified Synthetic Rubber (MSR) Adhesive. The MSR Adhesive formulation is specifically designed to meet the performance you need in critical metal applications.


Strength and Sustainability Without Compromise:

  • Approximately 50% higher adhesion when compared to Natural Rubber (NR) after a dwell time of 2 minutes, with continued performance over longer dwell times
  • Shear strength is equal to or better than natural rubber adhesive
  • MSR uses a solventless adhesive coating process, making it another 3M innovation that builds on our legacy and commitment to cut VOCs and other air emissions



Versatility and dependable, secure closure Scotch High Performance Filament and Reinforced Strapping Tapes secure packages with maximum holding power and durability.


For five panel folds, full overlap, telescoping, tuck fold and other non-standard packages, the 3M-Matic L-Clip Applicators S-867 and S-867 II provide cost-effective, time-saving solutions by applying pre-fed 4.5″ clips of tape securely with less effort. Apply clips at up to 50 per minute.


3M-Matic L-Clip Applicators S-867 and S-867 II Performance Features

  • Quickly, accurately and reliably close a variety of non-standard packages including those as narrow as 1.5” when using the optional narrow box attachment
  • Consistent tape leg length of 4.5″ helps prevent waste
  • Apply clips of Scotch Filament and Reinforced Strapping Tapes up to 36mm wide
  • Durable rollers buff tape down for consistently secure closures
  • Air pressure and flow controls positioned to reduce unnecessary adjustments, improve ease of maintenance, access, and increase floor layout options
  • Oil-less operation helps reduce maintenance
  • Convenient access cover for easy tape threading
  • Service interlock valve designed for safety
  • Package contact plate activates tape application easily and safely
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Heavy duty one-piece frame for durability and stability
  • Non-electric for economical compressed air operation


With optional U-Clip adapter, the unit applies U-clips on flat materials from 1/4″ to 1″ thick with the same speed and accuracy as L-Clips.


Starting with the same features as the S-867, the S-867 II dual head configuration simultaneously applies two L-Clips side by side as close as 8″ apart. Packages are easily moved and positioned across the stainless steel roller ball work surface.



Discourage pilfering by using one of these unique custom printed security tape designs. Replacing the tape and matching up the lines is extremely difficult once a box has been opened. Custom Printed Security Tape shows at a glance that a box has been tampered with. Now, 3M has a better answer to packaging security— made to your specifications.


Custom Printed Security Tape Designs
Select one of our Scotch Box Sealing Tapes, then choose one of our existing tamper evident patterns, add your company colors and logo, or you can design your own security related graphic.


  • Pick the tape configuration
  • Choose one of these five designs (specify S1-S5) or
  • Create your own design


Help Reduce Theft and Tampering

  • Custom printed security tapes make it harder for tampering to go unnoticed • Help deter employee theft
  • Help improve safe arrivals


Scotch Box Sealing Tapes From 3M Really Deliver


Delivering sustainability by taking care of our environment now and for the future.

  • Reduced energy consumption by 28% since 2000 (per net output)*
  • Reduced manufacturing land ll waste 60% between 2004 and 2007*


Delivering quality to keep your line moving and ensure your packages are sealed on arrival.

  • Quality tape that can wrap 3.5 times around the world before a defect is found*
  • Less interruption in production
  • Substantial savings in rejected shipments


Delivering service and support to help you select the right box sealing tape for your specific application.

  • Certifed ISTA Packaging Lab provides product consultation and testing
  • On-site consultation by experienced 3M Engineers and Sales Specialists



Everyone will know exactly who the package came from when you put your company logo or message on every package you send with 3M Custom Printed Box Sealing Tapes. Every package becomes a communication center for free advertising, package handling instructions, or tamper evidence. Choose one or two color printing in your choice of eleven Pantone ink colors on white, tan or clear tape.


Custom Printed Security Tape Designs
Select one of our Scotch® Box Sealing Tapes, then choose one of our existing tamper evident patterns, add your company colors and logo, or you can design your own security related graphic.


Scotch® Box Sealing Tape Dispenser H-192
Combines features of our most popular roll-on and hand-held dispensers. It is easy to use in one-hand application, plus the operator can control the tape tension with the tape roll brake. Its unique design minimizes wrist movement for comfortable operation. It accommodates tape up to 2” wide.


3M-Matic a20 Adjustable Case Sealer
When your packaging volume exceeds the limits of manual case sealing, the 3M-MaticTM Adjustable Case Sealer a20 is an affordable increase in productivity for top and bottom sealing of RSCs. With quick, easy adjustments you can seal up to 30 cases per minute.


Standard Message Tape
Available in 100 yd length rolls.


Scotch® M-900 Box Sealing Tape Definite Length Dispenser
Dispenses 1.5” to 3” wide “Scotch” Brand box sealing tape (maximum roll diameter – 9”). Tape lengths from 1.5” to 16” (40 to 400mm) maximum are delivered with one level stroke.


Productivity and performance – Four belts (two top and bottom) for positive traction and gear motor drive for high volume, heavy duty reliability shift-after- shift for up to 40 cases per minute.



When you hear “3M Sprayable Adhesives ” you immediately think quality, innovation and selection. Whatever your performance requirements are, 3M has a spray adhesive that will get the job done


The 3M Sprayable Adhesives portfolio offers a complete continuum of products for bonding a variety of surfaces:


  • Aerosol, cylinder, and bulk dispensing options
  • Water-based adhesives
  • Solvent-based adhesives
  • GreenGuard Certified and Leed-Compliant products
  • regulatory compliance solutions
  • Versatile adhesive that bonds a wide range of lightweight materials
  • Provides professional, industrial strength for demanding applications
  • Offers a fast, aggressive tack for a quick bond that reduces set time
  • Bonds paper, cardboard, fabric, insulation, plastic, metal, wood and more
  • Allows for a bond time of 15 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Repositionable while providing long-lasting strength

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3M Adhesives – Sprayable



3M Scotch-Weld PUR Adhesive EZ250150 features a generous 150 seconds set time for complex assemblies and large parts and is effective across a wide range of service temperatures. It is ideal for bonding wood, plastics, glass and metal. This all-in-one adhesive and dispenser solution features fast, easy clean-up and handy accessories to meet all your dispensing needs.


Ideal for Creating Strong Bonds on Wood, Plastics, Glass and Metal
3M Scotch-Weld PUR Adhesive EZ250150 with no VOCs offers the initial fast speed of a hot melt with urethane horse power for added strength. The 100% solids adhesive is ideal for creating strong bonds on wood, plastics, glass and metal with little to no clamping or fixturing. It features 4 minutes open time for joining parts together followed by 150 seconds to handling strength to allow for subsequent processing.


Professional furniture manufacturers are highly skilled in woodworking, but many who spoke with 3M at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas admitted that they aren’t experts when it comes to adhesive selection and use. To help furniture makers improve productivity, 3M technicians answered these com- mon assembly questions about PURs.


  • 150 Seconds set time
  • Creates a high-strength bond that is plasticizer resistant
  • Bonds to a variety of materials, including wood, plastics, glass and metal
  • 100% solid formula with no VOCs
  • 4 Minute open time for joining parts together
  • Can be sprayed or roll coated onto surfaces
  • One component adhesive for easy application with no mixing or guess work
  • Bonds to polyethylene and polypropylene with a slight surface modification
  • Designed for use with the 3M Scotch-Weld PUR Applicator and unique disposable nozzles

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The quick-stick nature of 3M Hot Melt Adhesives helps you speed up operations like packaging and production. And they stick to almost anything—foams, corrugated cardboard, fabrics, plastics, particle board and light-gauge metals. While hot melts are as strong as mechanical fasteners and sealing tapes, they’re virtually invisible –improving overall aesthetic. 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Adhesives and Applicators are advanced hand-held systems to help you improve productivity, lower cost, and minimize waste.


Adhesives are 100% solids thermoplastic resins that become fluid when heated and quickly wet the bonding surface. They cool, harden, and reach bond strength in seconds. You can move assemblies immediately to keep production flowing. This helps eliminate clamps, fixturing and drying, and saves time, energy, and space.


Each adhesive is designed and precisely manufactured for efficient use in one of the portable 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Applicators. Bond wood, plastic, foam, fabric, cardboard, and more.



Keep equipment and production up and running. When you need secure fits,3M Scotch-Weld Anaerobic Adhesives offer a wide selection of properties to help save the time and cost of disruptive, unscheduled downtime due to leaks and loose fasteners.


For threadlocking, sealing, retaining, and gasketing, application is fast and easy with just a targeted squeeze of a bottle or tube. In the absence of oxygen and in the presence of metal, the anaerobic formulation cures quickly to a polymer that seals, secures, and retains.


3M Scotch-Weld Threadlockers
Apply to nuts, bolts, and screws to prevent loosening from vibration and impact in such applications as gear housings, motor mounts, and sprinkler heads.


  • Fill and seal threads completely to help stop corrosion, rust, and leaks
  • Securely hold dissimilar metals
  • Choice of break and prevailing strengths
  • Tested Military specification: MIL-S-46163A


3M Scotch-Weld Retaining Compounds
Bond and seal non-threaded, co-axial components such as bearings, gears, shafts, cylinder liners, and rotors.


  • Tighten tolerances in worn bearing seats, keys, splines, tapers, shims, and shafts
  • Increase load-bearing characteristics of cylindrical joints to reduce assembly stresses and cost
  • Prevent fretting and corrosion
  • 3M Scotch-Weld Pipe Sealants


Seal instantly to stop leaks when applied to threads or compression fittings of most metal and certain plastic pipes. Replace traditional PTFE tapes and dope without shredding, evaporation, or shrinkage.


  • Seals and helps prevent the waste and mess of leaking hydraulic fluids,oil,fuel,andlubricants • Resists pressure, vibration, and expansion/contraction of temperature cycling
  • Apply to any pipe size, reducing the inventory of multiple size, easy-to-damage O-rings
  • Prevents galling


3M Scotch-Weld Gasket Makers
Fill and seal voids between metal flanges to eliminate pre-cut or compression gaskets.


  • Seal dissimilar metals without shrinkage
  • Metal-to-metal clamping without shimming effect or creeping
  • Pressure and solvent resistance
  • Save time and work of re-torquing
  • Cure to rigid or flexible seal

Double Sided Tapes



Engineered with a versatile adhesive system for strength and clean removal. DF 545 is primarily used for carpet installation as well as industrial holding, mounting and splicing. Convention centers routinely recommend our low-residue double sided tapes for trade shows. We created DF 545 with the same clean removal adhesive system and beefed up its tensile strength.


When mold abatement or asbestos remediation calls for a moisture-free, airtight seal, Shurtape DF 545 is the perfect solution. It adheres to irregular surfaces, seals solidly and removes cleanly.



  • Blended natural and synthetic rubber provides superior adhesion to concrete, tile, hardwood flooring and other irregular surfaces.
  • Special poly laminate and high tensile cloth promotes clean removability.
  • Premium grade, silicone coated blue polyethylene release liner ensures easy removability from the adhesive backing.
  • Strength, flexibility and clean removal — setting the standard for demanding construction, convention and abatement applications.



Scotch ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 969 is a 300 acrylic, reverse wound, pressure sensitive adhesive on a densified kraft paper liner. High tack adhesive transfer tape. For use with Scotch ATG Adhesive Applicators.


Scotch ATG Adhesive Transfer Tapes provide an effective bond between more than 350 substrate combinations, making them indispensable for innovative product design. See your designs come together seamlessly with a quick, neat strip of pressure-sensitive adhesive, available for general purpose bonding, high tack and high performance needs.


The Scotch ATG system includes an easy-to-load applicator for optimal efficiency during production, too. Look to 3M for advice on converting these versatile tapes to your specifications.


  • A soft pressure sensitive adhesive system that features high initial adhesion and good holding power to a variety of materials including most plastics.
  • The ATG tape system delivers a controlled application of the adhesive while the liner rewinds into the ATG applicator. It bonds on contact, and works on a variety of substrate or material combinations.
  • The ATG tape system is versatile, convenient, quick and easy to use. There is no mess or clean up. It is a cost effective replacement to rivets, staples, screws, bolts, liquid adhesives. Safer than hot melt adhesives.

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3M Adhesive Transfer Tape Extended Liner 9926XL is a 1.0 mil, general purpose, extended liner, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive transfer tape ATT with a densified kraft paper liner. Acrylic Adhesive 400 family.


  • 1 mil adhesive with an off-white densified kraft paper printed liner with statement Remove To Expose Adhesive
  • Dry edge, finger lift edge, convenience. Easy liner starting and removal. Ideal for automated tape application equipment. Tack free tape roll edges for ease of use and reduced equipment maintenance.
  • General purpose adhesive transfer and double coated tapes with extended liners used on a variety of high surface energy and low surface energy HSE LSE materials such as coated and uncoated papers, films, plastics, foams and metals.

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3M Extended Liner Tapes are ideal for pharmaceutical outsert attachment. They are also ideal for adhesion to paper materials but also work well on many other surfaces.


3M Extended Liner Tapes have a liner that extends beyond the width of the adhesive to provide easy liner starting and removal. The liners, with the exception of 3M Extended Liner Tape 450EK is printed with the message, “Remove to Expose Adhesive”.The extended liner provides a dry edge on each side of the tape for easy liner removal. Stated product widths include the dry edge of the liner.


3M Extended Liner Tapes 465XL, 920XL and 9925XL are ideal for adhesion to paper materials but also work well on many other surfaces. Some application ideas are:


  • Pressure-sensitive edges for posters and point of purchase sales advertising.
  • Permanent mounting of novelty items, note pads, literature, posters and labels.
  • Pressure-sensitive edging on business forms.


3M Extended Liner Tapes 450EK, 450XL, 465XL and 920XL are ideal for pharmaceutical outsert attachment. 3M tape 450XL has a heavier liner than 3M tape 920XL to help reduce liner breakage during application. 3M tape 450EK has the most tear resistant liner of these products. This release liner has stretch built into the paper making it tough and tear resistant. 3M tape 465XL is .002 in. thick for surface which requires more adhesive mass.


3M Extended Liner Tape 466XL is well suited to many coated, uncoated and synthetic paper applications as well as for high and low surface energy plastic film applications.3M Extended Liner Tape 476XL is a double coated tape with a film carrier and has excellent quick stick for sealing many boxes and tubes used for various types of shipments.3M Extended Liner Tape 9925XL is a double coated tape with a thin tissue carrier for permanent paper to paper bonding.

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3M Double Coated Urethane Foam Tapes are conformable foams that offer high shear strength and are available with either a high temperature holding acrylic adhesive system or a rubber adhesive system for bonding to various types of surfaces for mounting, joining and holding.


The natural colored urethane foam tape products vary in color from white to light yellow. The color will change to light yellow upon exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet radiation). This color change is normal and does not affect tape performance.


3M Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4026 is available in roll form and die- cut pieces. Die-cut pieces of 3M tape 4026 is available in 3/4″ or 1″ squares, either individual pieces double linered with an extended liner on one side or in pads of 48 squares.


3M Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4085 combines conformability with high immediate adhesion to most plastics including ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic, polyethylene and polypropylene as well as metal and paint. 3M tape 4085 tears easily which makes it ideal for hand application.


Recommended Applications

  • General interior and exterior mounting applications where the tape will be protected from the environment
  • Mount interior signs and nameplates
  • Mounting dispensers and air fresheners
  • Bond acoustic panels to walls
  • Attach wire clips to wall surfaces
  • Mount corner protectors

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Acrylic VHB foam tape is a specialty bonding tape that is a proven high-strength alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other forms of mechanical fasteners. While a screw or a rivet can join two substrates at a single point, specialty bonding tape permanently adheres one substrate to another and spreads the stress load across the entire length of the joint. Once substrates are joined with high-strength bonding tape, a virtually indestructible “weld” is created.


Skyscrapers, cell phones, electronic highway signs, refrigerators, marine electronics, architectural windows, recreational vehicles and trailers…all of these rely on specialty bonding tape for one or more steps in the assembly, mounting, fastening and sealing process. The inherent properties of bonding tapes make this wide array of applications possible.


Acrylic foam tape is comprised of closed cell foam with pressure sensitive adhesive on two sides. This unique combination offers benefits that screws, rivets, welds and other types of mechanical fasteners just can’t match: instant shock, stress bonding, absorption distribution,expansion and contraction, Waterproofing, conformability, design flexibility, and smooth, invisible appearance


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Case Sealing Tape



Nobody notices carton seals unless something goes wrong. Carton sealing tape should be strong enough to hold and tough enough to endure shipping abuse, yet release smoothly from the roll and deliver consistent tension in demanding high speed applications. A tall order? Not for the HP Series, only from Shurtape.


No other tape holds like Shurtape HP Series. From manual applications using hand rolls to automated packaging lines where our machine-length rolls maximize throughput, saving time and labor – HP performs right down to the core.


Shipping conditions may change, but our packaging tape performs consistently. Constructed of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film with our proprietary hot melt adhesive formula, HP Series has unequaled holding power, uncompromising strength, and superior moisture resistance, roll after roll.


Time to Upgrade Your Tape Heads?
Are your tape heads hard-to-load and wear out before they should? Try our tape head program. With a signed agreement to purchase any HP machine-length product we’ll give you a durable, stainless steel SP tape head. Our SP tape head, with one-touch adjustment, is easy to load, easy to clean, and ready to work.



Our six grades of acrylic carton sealing tape is perfect for any job, whether you need strength for bulky packages or a rapid initial bond on recycled paperboard. Each tape also offers many of the same qualities: The ability to withstand extreme temperatures, so your package stays sealed no matter how cold it is when you send it, or how hot it is where the package arrives. The UV-resistance that will protect your boxes and labels from yellowing and the value that comes from stretching a dollar without sacrificing long-term performance.


  • Designed for all kinds of applications, from heavy duty to light duty to cartons with highly finished graphics.
  • Holds strong in temperatures ranging from -20° to 180° F.
  • Protects labels and printed surfaces from weather and handling.
  • Excellent aging characteristics for long-lasting performance.
  • Thickness ranges from 1.6 mils to 2.5 mils.



IPG offers full line of pressure-sensitive carton sealing tape with all three adhesive technologies: acrylic, hot melt and natural rubber. As a leader in the pressure-sensitive carton-sealing tape market, IPG combines years of experience as a prime manufacturer of superior quality tape to the industrial and consumer channels.


Hot Melt Adhesive
Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape offers the widest range of application flexibility available. They offer excellent processing performance whether manually or automatically applied. Their superior adhesion properties, holding force, tensile strength and easy unwind ensure consistent, reliable seals to a variety of corrugated and linerboard boxes.


Acrylic Adhesive
Acrylic Carton Sealing Tape is best suited for reliable, all-temperature box sealing performance (less than 40oF and greater than 120oF) where resistance to aging, weathering, UV light and yellowing are important. They also provide excellent clarity, high shear strength to prevent “flagging”, superior quick stick performance and controlled unwind to facilitate dispensing on manual or automatic case sealing machines.


Natural Rubber Adhesive
Natural Rubber Carton Sealing Tape has the most aggressive adhesive available. They offer fast, positive bonding on “problem” applications such as high recycled content cartons, rough or ultra-smooth cartons, heavy ink coverage, dusty and/or dirty environments, humid conditions and temperature extremes.


Printed Carton-Sealing Tape
Printed tape helps get the job done. When you have a message that must be noticed, use IPG’s effective and cost-efficient printed tape with added instructions, advertising or identification.

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With more than 80% of boxes containing recycled fiber content, changes in the fiber and composition of your cartons may impact the ability of your tape to adhere to it. IPG’s NEW 1100 Carton Sealing Tape is designed to stick to every carton – especially recycled corrugate.


FEATURES & BENEFITS of 1100 Carton Sealing Tape:

  • Ground breaking adhesive formulation, developed specifically for optimal closure of high percent content recycled corrugate
  • Expanded temperature and humidity range, unique for a Hot Melt product, provides superior closure
  • Down to 35°F and 25% relative humidity
  • At room temperature, 72°F and 50% relative humidity
  • At 105°F and 75% relative humidity
  • Ultimately up to 120°F
  • Confidently and successfully seals boxes in more environmental conditions than any other product in its class
  • Manufactured entirely and exclusively in the USA – your guarantee of quality and consistency

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Scotch Corrugated Tapes are designed to stick to almost any packaging material you encounter. They are made with an adhesive designed specifically for recycled corrugated cartons.


With environmental standards changing rapidly and companies constantly seeking new ways to reduce costs and improve their environmental footprint, packaging materials are in a constant state of flux. Scotch Recycled Corrugate Tapes 3071, 3072 and 3073 are designed to help you stay on top of the changes.



  • They’re tackier than conventional box sealing tapes, so they will stick to almost any packaging material you’re likely to encounter.
  • Made with a proprietary adhesive designed specifically for recycled corrugate cartons.
  • Scotch Tapes 3071, 3072 and 3073 are a great portfolio for today’s changing corrugated material.Scotch Box Sealing Tapes have been making manufacturers’ jobs easier for decades. Now you can rely on Scotch tapes to help you keep pace with industry changes and meet your sustainability goals, as well.

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371 Box Sealing Tape is known for delivering quality to keep your line moving and ensure your packages are sealed on arrival.


  • Quality tape that can wrap 3.5 times around the world before a defect is found*
  • Less interruption in production
  • Substantial savings in rejected shipments


371 Box Sealing Tape is also known for delivering service and support to help you select the right box sealing tape for your specific application.


  • Certified ISTA Packaging Lab provides product consultation and testing
  • On-site consultation by experienced 3M Engineers and Sales Specialists


371 Box Sealing Tape helps to deliver sustainability by taking care of our environment now and for the future.


  • Reduced energy consumption by 28% since 2000 (per
    net output)*
  • Reduced manufacturing landfill waste 60% between 2004
    and 2007*


* Based on current US plant data.

371 Box Sealing Tape

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