170 1.75 Mil Utility Acrylic CST

IPG 400


170 1.75 Mil Utility Acrylic CST

Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, coated with pressure-sensitive emulsion acrylic adhesive. Best suited for reliable, all-temperature box sealing performance (greater than 40ºF and less than 120ºF) where resistance to aging, weathering, UV light, and yellowing are important. Provides excellent clarity, high shear strength to prevent ‘flagging,’ superior quick-stick performance, and controlled unwind to facilitate dispensing on manual or automatic case sealing machines.

Typical Applications

Light weight non-critical box sealing applications exposed to minimal shipping hazards and stress.


Adhesion to Steel (oz/in of width)16
Tensile (Breaking Strength)23
Backing Material1.0 mil (0.025 mm)