Scotch® Box Sealing Tape 355

3M 355


Scotch® Box Sealing Tape 355, one of the very best performers in our Scotch® polyester line of tapes, securely closes double and triple walled corrugated cartons, including those with high recycled content, saving time and reducing closure failures. The polyester backing resists moisture, abrasion and scuffing to hold strong throughout the shipping process.



Scotch Box Sealing Tape 355 Highlights: Conformable backing that resists score line breaking and center seam splitting, Best combination of performance traits in Scotch polyester line of tapes, Ideal strength for heavy-weight packages and overseas/export packing and shipping, Quick, easy application by hand dispenser.



  • Extra sturdy polyester backing resists abrasion, moisture and scuffing for lasting hold
  • Adhesive sticks quickly to a variety of materials, including those with high recycled content
  • Securely closes double and triple walled corrugated cartons and fiberboard
  • Available with custom printing for security and/or branding
  • Provides high quality, consistent performance with easy unwind