1100 3 Mil Premium Hot Melt CST

IPG 1100


Premium BOPP film backed carton sealing tape, specially formulated with Corru-GripTM pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive technology. For optimal closure of recycled corrugate boxes, and in application environments down to 35°F. Excellent processing performance, whether manually or automatically applied. Superior adhesion properties, holding force, tensile strength, and easy unwind, ensure consistent, reliable seals, including closure of high recycled content corrugate.



Best choice for sealing high percentage recycled corrugate boxes, and other demanding box sealing applications, in temperatures down to 35°F. Use for extra heavy weight, under or overstuffed boxes, package repair, bundling applications, and for packages exposed to challenging shipping hazards and stress.


Tensile (lb/in of width)32
Backing Material2.0 mils 0.05 )