7100 1.85/1.90 Mil Medium Grade Hot Melt CST 72MMX100MM

IPG 7100 72X100


7100 1.85/1.90 Mil Medium Grade Hot Melt CST

Hand held dispenser length biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film carton sealing tape manufactured with pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive. Excellent processing performance whether manually or automatically applied. Superior adhesion properties, holding force, tensile strength, and easy unwind ensure consistent, reliable seals to a variety of corrugated and linerboard boxes.

Typical Applications

For medium weight, manual box sealing, package repair and bundling applications at room temperature.


Tensile (Breaking Strength)27
Adhesion to Steel (oz/in of width)32
Backing Material1.1 mils (0.28 )