3M™ Shipping-Mate™ Palletizing Adhesive

3M Palletizing


We developed 3M™ Shipping-Mate Palletizing Adhesive as a sprayable, synthetic elastomer-based adhesive for bonding a variety of lightweight materials such as felt, cork, cardboard, paper, wood, plastic wrap and other common materials used in shipping and packaging. This adhesive sprays easily when palletizing everyday products such as salt, pet food, much and more.



3M Shipping-Mate Palletizing Adhesive is ideally suited for bonding lightweight materials and applying a temporary hold during the assembly of pallets for plastic shipping bags, holding them in place during shipping and storage. Bags can then be palletized quickly and handled immediately.

Recommended Applications: Palletizing, Packaging, Shipping, Storage, Light duty industrial applications.



  • Ideal for palletizing applications
  • Can be used for labelling and other packaging applications
  • Bonds a variety of materials with confidence
  • Available in aerosol cans