3M™ Paper Belt 966UZ

3M Paper Belt 966


3M™ Paper Belt 966UZ uses a proprietary 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain to give you more sanding power than conventional abrasives. It is coated on an F-weight paper backing for effective sanding and finishing flat surfaces in woodworking applications.



F-weight is one of the heaviest, most rigid paper backings available and will achieve finer finishes than cloth backed belts in the same grade. The paper backing provides smooth operation and durability. On the abrasive side, the ceramic abrasive surpasses conventional abrasives in high production environments for its aggressive cut, greater heat resistance and extremely long life.

This belt also features 3M dust management technology that reduces static in the dust particles, allowing them to be pulled away more easily when coupled with an efficient dust collection system. To support desired finishing results, the belt ends are joined using a sine wave splice that promotes belt strength and resists hinging and splice fatigue. The splice travels smoothly over contact wheels and platens, minimizes chatter marks, and promotes smooth operation for consistent finishing results.



  • 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain provides extremely long life and uniform finish
  • F-weight heavy paper backing provides durability and smooth operation
  • Anti-static treatment helps manage dust and loading
  • Sine wave splice prevents hinging in splice area, resists fatigue, and can be run in either direction
  • Variable coat abrasive provides varying grain density depending on grade to ensure optimal level of abrasion