3M™ AccuGlide™ II Taping Head

3M Accuglide Lower Tape Head


3M™ AccuGlide™ II Upper/Lower Taping Head features low-impact curvilinear motion to seal cases with minimum force. The low profile side plate and open tape path allow fast and easy threading, while the friction brake drum maintains proper tape tension and prevents overcoasting.



Our 3M AccuGlide II Upper/Lower Taping Head features consistent and quality tape application. This upper and lower taping head also offers low maintenance for improved productivity.

3M AccuGlide II Upper/Lower Taping Head assists 3M-Matic Case Sealer 800asb in case sealing operations across a wide range of industries, including: Food and beverage, Medical devices, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Retail, Manufacturing and distribution centers.



  • Curvilinear design for low impact taping to help protect even lightweight cartons and contents
  • Applies tape width of 1.5” (36mm) at up to 78 fpm
  • Engineered for durability, low maintenance and consistent tape application
  • Low profile side plate, open tape path and easy-to-follow labeling allow fast, easy threading
  • Friction brake drum to maintain proper tape tension and prevent overcoasting
  • Buffing and applying rollers are designed for easy removal
  • Tape drum latch secures roll for stability and positive tape alignment