3M™ Top Print Packing List Envelope PLE-T3

3M T3


3M™ Top Print Packing List Envelope PLE-T3 is a 7″ x 5.5″ polyethylene envelope, top-printed “PACKING LIST/INVOICE ENCLOSED”. We designed this top-loading, peel-and-stick envelope with a high-tack rubber resin adhesive that sticks on contact to packages. Oil- and water-resistant, this packing list envelope safely and securely protects documents from damage throughout delivery.



Keep packing slips, invoices, cards and other shipping documents safe and secure with 3M Top Print Packing List Envelope PLE-T3. This peel-and-stick envelope is oil- and water-resistant and built to withstand the toughest handling conditions.

Recommended applications include: Holding packing slips, invoices and cards, Interim holder for papers to be attached to shipping container, Miscellaneous light-duty hardware.



  • 7″ x 5.5″ top-printed, top-loaded envelope reduces transit loss of documents
  • Provides control and protection of on-package packing list and invoice documents
  • Designed with printed message: “PACKING LIST/INVOICE ENCLOSED”
  • Offers convenient peel-and-stick document attachment
  • Features a polyethylene backing, synthetic rubber adhesive and paper liner
  • Tough film helps reduce puncturing and tearing