3M™ Flatback Tape 2517

3M Flatback 2517


3M™ Flatback Tape 2517 is a good, general purpose tape ideal for a range of web processing and splicing applications where adhesion in high temperature bake cycles is necessary. This durable tape features a dependable kraft paper backing capable of resisting high temperatures as well as moisture, and can be torn by hand for easy application.



Our 3M Flatback Tape 2517 features a kraft paper backing that is easy to tear while still maintaining strong cross directional tensile properties. This tape can be machine dispensed. It will perform in moist conditions and in bake cycles up to 300 degrees F/149 degrees C for up to 30 minutes.

Recommended Applications: Splicing liner boards, High or low temperature splicing applications, Bundling, Holding, Packaging applications.

3M Flatback Tapes are used in a variety of industries and specialized applications. Flatback tapes feature core capabilities and dimensional cross tensile properties popular for tabbing and splicing applications. Many have highly colored backings for identification purposes.



  • Designed for general purpose splicing
  • Offers quick and simple roll starting and roll closure
  • Durable backing can be torn by hand, yet is suitable for machine dispensing
  • Natural rubber adhesive offers dependable tack and holding power
  • Can withstand a bake cycle up to 300°F/149°C for up to 30 minutes