3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners

3M Dual Lock fasteners

3M™ Multi-Purpose Reclosable Fasteners create a secure and simple way to install components and materials such as interior trim panels in vehicles. These fasteners create an attachment when the hundreds of mushroom-shaped stems interlock as the two sides are pressed together. A “snap” sound indicates that the fastener is fully engaged.



3M Multi-Purpose Reclosable Fasteners make an excellent alternative in addition to screws, nuts, bolts, snaps, clasps, welds, VHB tapes and glues when attaching materials in automobiles.

Typical Vehicular Uses for 3M Multi-Purpose Fasteners include:

Installing cell phone holders, cup holders and toll pass holders,

Fastening headliners and ceiling panels in over-the-road truck cabs, buses, ambulances and recreational vehicles,

Hanging ceiling light diffusion panels in light rail cars and buses,

Hanging equipment on ambulance walls,

Securing removable seat covers and cushions in vehicles,

Attaching door and wall panels in vehicles,

Suspending privacy curtains in truck cabs,

Attaching decorative liner to interior SUV cargo areas,

Attaching ceiling, wall and cushioning panels in cargo and horse trailers.



  • Attaches and detaches multiple times, allowing for repositioning
  • Reliable performance in a range of weather extremes
  • Alternative to screws and adhesives, great for hidden repairs
  • No need for holes through metal panels that could allow moisture enter or corrosion to set in
  • Sleek appearance for more professional results in cosmetic repairs