Scotch® Label Protection Tape 821

3M 821


Scotch® Label Protection Tape 821 is a pink, acetate tape commonly used for label protection. It features a low-glare, matte surface for easy barcode scanning. It has a write-on surface that works with markers, pens and pencils.



Scotch Label Protection Tape 821 was designed this lightly tinted pink film tape to protect labels from abrasion and moisture yet allow bar codes to be easily scanned.

Recommended Applications: Label protection, Label attaching, Shipping.



  • Pink, 2.5 mil (0.063 mm) acetate tape used for label protection
  • Low-glare, matte surface enables easy scanning of barcodes
  • Write-on surface accepts permanent markers, ballpoint pens, even pencils
  • Protects labels from damage caused by abrasion and moisture
  • Dispenses and hand tears easily for convenient use