758 Utility Grade Reinforced Paper

IPG 758


758 Utility Grade Reinforced Paper

A natural colored crepe paper backed tape, laminated to uni-directional fiberglass filaments, and coated with “hot melt” applied synthetic rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. The paper backing can be easily marked with pen, crayon, or rubber stamp. Provides excellent performance for medium duty general purpose applications where a paper backing is desirable.

Typical Applications

Medium duty bundling (plastic pipe, aluminum extrusions, carpet and vinyl flooring covering rolls), textile (beaming/leasing), packaging (Post Office and UPS acceptable), reinforcing & strapping, unitizing/palletizing, “Grading Tape” (meat packaging), dynamite tape (bundling sticks, fuses, caps, etc.).


Tensile (Breaking Strength)120
Backing MaterialCrepe Paper