3M™ Water Activated Paper Tape 6145

3M 6145


Simplify your packing operations with a proven solution. 3M™ Water Activated Paper Tape 6145 is an easy, economical solution to a range of basic carton sealing challenges. We designed this light duty, water-activated “gummed” adhesive tape to provide a strong seal to a wide variety of corrugated surfaces. A 3-way fiber glass reinforcing pattern in the backing adds strength in all directions.



3M™ Water Activated Paper Tape 6145, with our 3-way fiber glass reinforcement and high-tack, water activated adhesive, ensures your corrugated boxes stay sealed until ready for opening. In tandem with the reinforced kraft paper, our high-tack water activated adhesive system holds the tape in place throughout shipping, handling and storage.

We recommend 3M™ Water Activated Paper Tape 6145 for sealing packages weighing a maximum of 30 lbs.



  • Moistened adhesive interacts with porous surfaces to form a powerful, secure bond
  • Tape forms a tamper-evident seal that shreds if an attempt is made to pull it off before delivery
  • Paper construction is easy to handle, making it ideal for hand applications
  • Boxes are sealed secure, yet easy to open without cutting tools
  • Coreless rolls reduce waste and simplify roll changes