Standard Abrasives™ Buff and Blend HP Disc

3M Buff Blend


Made of non-woven material with added stiffness, our Standard Abrasives™ Buff and Blend HP Disc produces an aggressive cut and is designed for applications such as removal of burrs or tough contaminants.



We designed the Standard Abrasives Buff and Blend HP Disc to efficiently perform light deburring and aggressive cleaning on a variety of metal substrates: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum, high nickel and stainless steel. This disc features aluminum oxide mineral, which cuts sharp and is friable, fragmenting under heat and pressure to reveal sharp cutting edges during use.



  • Tough HP material is stiffer and more tear-resistant than GP material and is well-suited for edge deburring and metal removal
  • Aluminum Oxide cuts sharp, helps produce a consistent scratch pattern, and works well on ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Pliable open web removes burrs and surface contaminants without gouging the substrate
  • Open web is load resistant, limiting buildup of debris that can clog the abrasive center hole discs come in a range of medium to large sizes to meet many different project specifications
  • Red discs contain aluminum oxide, very fine (VFN) grade abrasive