CT 109



CT 109 General Purpose Grade Transparent Cellulose Film Tape

General purpose transparent cellulose film tape for sealing, packaging and mending applications that demand a tape that can adhere to hard-to-stick-to surfaces, as well as for splicing applications that require a tape with high tensile strength. CT 109 is easy to tear and static-free, making it a handy solution for a range of applications.

Typical Applications

For sealing, packaging and mending applications, particularly involving hard-to-stick-to surfaces, Also used for splicing applications.

Features & Benefits

  • General purpose transparent cellulose film tape
  • Adheres to hard-to-stick-to surfaces
  • High tensile strength
  • Carrier is recyclable
  • Hand-tearable
  • High-tack, rubber-based adhesive
  • Static-free in accordance with Afera Test Method 4011 – “Electric Strength of Adhesive Tape”


Thickness1.7 mils
Tensile (Breaking Strength)22 lbs/in width
Applicable StandardsCID A-A-113D, Type I, Class A
Temperature RangeUp to 265 F
Backing MaterialTransparent, hand-tearable, cellulose film
AdhesiveRubber-based adhesive
Adhesion to Stainless Steel35 oz/in width