Need to Lower DIM weight? Think Outside the Box with Sustainability

Lower Dim Weight


Using inappropriate or inadequate packaging materials can affect the DIM weight of your packaging container. Dimensional Weight (DIM Weight) is a way to estimate the cost of shipping based on box size or weight, whichever is greater. A higher DIM weight can increase shipping costs for your business and negatively affect your bottom line. Taking steps to lower your DIM weight can also help to lower your environmental impact. By using appropriate containers for your product, and reducing empty space in your cartons, you can reduce waste, lower your environmental impact, and increase customer satisfaction.

Optimizing Your Cartons
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If the container you’re using to ship your products isn’t the right fit, then your facility should consider trying out new corrugated materialsCorrugated products like multi-depth cartons, super shippers, or bulk cargo containers, can be used to consolidate multiple related shipments. Utilizing one container for multiple shipments can reduce waste and lower your environmental impact. 


Switching out corrugated materials for poly mailers can be ideal for shipping smaller items like soft goods, documents, parts, and pharmaceuticals. Using corrugated cartons for soft goods would add unnecessary DIM weight, raise shipping costs, and negatively impact your business’ sustainability efforts. Poly mailers are lightweight, recyclable, and resistant to water or tearing damage. Poly mailers and automated poly bag equipment can both reduce your billable weight while improving sustainability. Investing in the right poly mailers for your products will reduce empty space, lower your DIM weight, and help you maintain product integrity.

Void Fill Material​
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We offer void fill materials that are lightweight and versatile. Finding the appropriate materials to use to protect your products can reduce damage while lowering your package’s DIM weight. Void fill materials like bubble wrap, air cushions, and foam, are lightweight and can be recyclable, to help you lower DIM weight and improve your sustainability.



Reducing damages and product returns are two simple and cost-effective ways to start becoming a more environmentally conscious packaging business. Click here to browse our line of void fill, cushioning, and protective packaging products.

Consultative Services
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If your facility is struggling with lowering your environmental impact and decreasing your DIM weight, we can help.

We offer customized solutions that can help determine the best materials to fit your packaging needs. We can help you lessen the impact of DIM changes, reduce your billable freight charges, and help you become an eco-friendly business.


Click here to learn more about our consultative services.

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