Super Shippers

Super Shippers

Super Shippers

Our super shippers allow you to combine many different size boxes into one consolidated container.

Super shippers are Oversized, Multi-Depth, Heavy Duty Shipping Cartons, that allow your business to customize your carton to fit your shipping needs. Super shippers allow your business to save time and money by consolidating multi-piece shipments into one super shipper container.

Our super shippers are made of heavy duty material 44 Edge Crush Tested material. Super shippers are built to protect your consolidated products during shipment. Our super shippers can support up to 95 pounds of weight from your consolidated products.

The strength of our super shippers allows your business to save money on shipping by creating one customized super shipper box that can protect each individual product during shipment. Utilize our heavy duty super shipper boxes to avoid costly returns due to potential product damages during transport.

Super shippers are customizable to fit your shipping needs. In super shipper boxes, the sides are scored in 2″ intervals to enable you to combine smaller boxes into one Super Shipper and adjust the carton depth to your needs by simply cutting to your required size. Super shippers also ship and store flat for your facility’s convenience.

Super shippers are beneficial for the environment. Our corrugated boxes are all 100% recyclable including our super shippers. By consolidating your multi-piece shipments into one consolidated super shipper, your business uses less material for shipping and as a result, can significantly decrease your environmental footprint. Super shippers can also be ordered in bundle or bale quantities, so that your business can continue to utilize super shippers without having to frequently reorder the product.

Features & Benefits

  • Corrugated cartons are all 100% recyclable.
  • Heavy Duty 44ECT boxes are up to 40% stronger than standard duty cartons.
  • All cartons ship and store flat to save space.
  • Order in bundle or bale quantities.