Long Boxes

long boxes

Our long boxes offer industry standard strength and reliability. Long boxes are ideal for your irregularly shaped long items.


Our long boxes are ideal for keeping longer objects safe during shipment. Utilize our long boxes to ship long rolled items like rugs, carpets, and other products which can be conveniently stored in a box with a long, wide opening.


Our long boxes ship and store flat for your convenience.


Ordering long boxes in bundle or bale quantities saves your facility money by avoiding frequent reorders of the product, and saves on more material being used than necessary in shipping continuous orders of long boxes.


Long boxes also benefit both your facility’s profits by perfectly protecting your long objects during shipment, so that your facility doesn’t have to use unnecessary funds and materials on boxes that can’t support your long objects.


The strength of our long boxes saves your facility money by protecting products during long shipment, avoiding the cost of product returns due to common shipping damages.


Our long boxes, like all of our corrugated cartons, are 100% recyclable.


Our long boxes help to lower your environmental impact by offering your facility the ability to ship in bundle or bale quantities.


The strength of our long boxes also benefit the environment by protecting your products during shipment, helping your facility to avoid using unnecessary materials due to product returns.


Features & Benefits

  • Corrugated cartons are all 100% recyclable.
  • All cartons ship and store flat to save space.
  • Order in bundle or bale quantities.