Cellu-Mask is easy-to-handle material saves labor, increases productivity and reduces costs. Affixes readily to a wide range of highly-polished or painted metal surfaces or smooth plastic substrates. Adhesive holds protection securely in place over time.


Superior Surface Protection and Lightweight Cushioning

1⁄16″ thick Cell-Aire polyethylene foam prevents scratching and abrasion while resisting moisture, tears and punctures. Reduces damage and improves customer satisfaction.


Outstanding Pliability

Conforms easily to compound or unusual shapes and protects even hard to reach places.


Withstands Weight

Crush-resistant foam provides durable interleaving for heavier products.


Convenient “Spot” Protection

Can be easily trimmed, or precisely die cut to fit selective areas. No tape necessary and no need to wrap or cover the entire item.


No Adhesive Residue

Can be quickly and cleanly removed. Leaves no residue or adhesive “patterning”.



Cellu-Mask Foam can be re-applied multiple times, thus reducing solid waste and material cost.