Telescoping Boxes

Telescoping boxes


Telescoping Boxes

We offer telescoping corrugated boxes that are ideal for shipping irregular or odd shaped items.


Telescoping boxes are adjustable and customizable to fit your packaging needs.


Telescoping boxes conveniently ship and store flat to suit your packaging needs.


Use our 2-piece set to create, telescoping boxes, that keep your products intact during shipping.

Telescoping boxes keep your products compact during shipment.


The structure and shape of telescoping corrugate boxes keeps your irregularly shaped long objects in place during long shipments.

All telescoping boxes are constructed with 32 Edge Crush Tested corrugated kraft material, ensuring superior strength and safety.


The bottom of our telescoping boxes features a fully overlapping bottom flap that works to ensure that your products stay safe during transport.

We offer both tall and flat telescoping boxes.

Our tall telescoping boxes are best used for rugs, golf clubs, or lamps.


Our flat telescoping boxes are recommended for mirrors or large framed art.


Our telescoping boxes are well-equipped to protect these products and other similarly shaped products during shipping.

Telescoping corrugated boxes are adjustable 2-piece set fits odd shaped items from 48″ to 90″ in length.


This 2-piece set is versatile and strong and able to protect your products from shifting during shipment.


The two pieces of this set are sold separately, so that our telescoping boxes are customizable for your business needs.


Invest in our telescoping boxes as a safe and economical option for shipping long or tall objects.


Features & Benefits

  • Cartons have an F.O.L. (full over lap) bottom for added strength.
  • Adjustable 2-piece design fits product snugly to prevent damage from shifting.
  • All ship and store flat.
  • Flat and Tall options available.
  • One inner and one outer box required to make a set – sold separately.
  • All 200#/32ect, kraft corrugated.