Cell-O EZ Airtransfer Cushions

Cell-O EZ Airtransfer Cushions


CELL-O EZ Double Cushion and Supertube films are designed with FP International’s innovative air transfer technology that allows air transfer (movement) within cushions during shipment. This unique technology provides continuous protection because it allows the cushion to flex to absorb shock. Air bags without air transfer technology can transit shock and damage the product during shipment.


While giving you different ways to protect your products, both Supertube and Double Cushion films offer:


  • Premium Product Protection
  • Highly Versatile
  • Superior Strength and Clarity
  • Cost Effective

Air channels shown in CELL-O EZ Double Cushion lm. The air channels allow air to move (transfer) from cushion to cushion during shipment, providing continuous protection.


CELL-O EZ Supertube lm also has air transfer channels. The air transfer system, unique to FP International, provides true cushioning protection, something no other air bags can do.


Use Double Cushions for void ll protection to:

  • Surround and protect items like loose fill without any housekeeping issues.
  • Top fill carton. Fast, easy and extremely cost-effective.
  • Economical way to block and braceon.

Use Supertube cushions that bend, twist and wrap to:

  • Line the bottom of cartons and protect package corners.
  • Line the entire carton in an “air transfer” protective cocoon.
  • Provide excellent blocking and bracing and ll small voids in the sides of cartons.
  • Completely surround item; this is a great material for wrapping protection.