Fill-Air Extreme

Fill-Air Extreme


Sealed Air’s Fill-Air inflatable packaging is already known for its reliability and durability, yet Fill-Air Extreme film improves on the original by adding strength to both the material and the edge seal that locks air in.


Fill-Air Extreme film also improves the operator experience. The film runs quietly and the perforations between the cushions release easier with less effort. Also, we have added up to 1,300 linear feet of film to each roll — up to a 45% increase — without increase in roll diameter or weight. This increased length keeps your operators packing longer with fewer changeovers. Perhaps the greatest improvement Fill-Air Extreme film offers is an improved environmental profile.


The film is constituted using 33% less petroleum-based resins. Overall, Sealed Air has been able to reduce its environmental impact when producing this film by 25%.


Why is Fill-Air Extreme a great packaging material?

  • It does a great job protecting your product.
  • You can recycle it.
  • You can deflate it to take up less space.
  • 33% reduction in petroleum-based resins.
  • It’s really light, saving on freight costs and energy consumed when compared to paper.
  • It can be reused as void fill.