Ethafoam Synergy PE Foam

Ethafoam Synergy


Ethafoam Synergy PE foam is a low-abrasion solution for applications where both presentation and performance matter.


A Hard-Working Foam Goes Soft
Ethafoam Synergy PE foam provides all of the legendary performance capabilities of our standard Ethafoam PE foam, but in a fine-cell format, which improves aesthetics while providing a soft-to-the-touch feel.


Limitless Recycling
As constituted, Ethafoam Synergy Polyethylene PE foam can be re-used without a drop Fine Cell Foam in performance. Because it is non-crosslinked, and manufactured from polyethylene resin, the material can be ground up and recycled in Sealed Air’s Closed-Loop Recycling system.This Ethafoam Synergy allows for meaningful waste reduction.


Easier Fabrication
Ethafoam Synergy PE foam is an easy material to fabricate, regardless of the method (routing, water jet cutting, die cutting). The product offering includes both a low and
high density option.


Making a Strong Case
The perfect application for PE foam is one where aesthetics, performance and low-abrasion are all essential considerations. As such Ethafoam Synergy PE foam is commonly used in custom case inserts, automotive returnable and expendable dunnage, and tool control applications.