Tall Boxes

Tall boxes

Our tall boxes allow your facility to ship irregularly shaped items with ease! Invest in stress-free shipping with tall boxes, designed with strength in mind and built to protect your irregularly shaped products.


Tall boxes are great for shipping tall, long, or irregularly shaped items such as golf clubs, lamps, carpet rolls, and fishing poles.


Tall boxes help to save money for your business; avoid potential product damage during shipping. Tall boxes are crafted with your convenience in mind to help your business achieve success. Our tall boxes since can be ordered in bundle or bale quantities for your convenience. Tall boxes open on the end and require less tape for sealing than boxes with a different shape.


Utilizing tall boxes reduces environmental impact since the corrugated material is 100% recyclable. Tall boxes can be used in place of mailing tubes. Utilizing tall boxes instead of mailing tubes can be more practical and economical for your business, since tall boxes ship and store flat to save space, while mailing tubes remain in their cylindrical shape during shipment.


Tall boxes crafted with corrugated material have the strength needed to protect your products during shipping. Tall boxes are able to protect your irregularly shaped boxes from common shipping damages. Investing in corrugated boxes which are designed to protect tall items is an efficient way to save money by avoiding product returns due to shipping related damages.


Features & Benefits

  • Corrugated Cartons are all 100% recyclable.
  • All cartons ship and store flat to save space.
  • Order in bundle or bale quantities.