Side loading boxes

side loading box

Our side loading boxes with full overlap flaps offer the maximum protection for your product. Side loading boxes are created with strong corrugated material and include the full overlapping flap style for your facility’s convenience. Side loading boxes lay flat and open from one side, allowing your facility to pack items with ease.


Side loading boxes are great for shipping flat items such as mirrors, art frames, photo frames or other flat products. Our side loading boxes possess the strength required to protect your fragile flat items that are more susceptible to potential damage during shipment, like mirrors and photo frames.


Investing in side loading boxes is a great way to save your business money by avoiding costly product returns from potential damage during shipment.


Our side loading boxes feature a full overlap flap that provides extra protection for your products during shipment. The full overlap flap style is especially resistant to rough handling and provides extra cushioning and stacking strength. We provide side loading boxes with full overlap flaps for your convenience, to stack side loading boxes with ease and avoid potential damages.


Side loading boxes allow your facility to save money and protect the environment. Just like all of our corrugated cartons, side loading boxes are 100% recyclable. Side loading boxes offer the maximum protection for your products; the strength of our side loading boxes lowers your facility’s environmental impact by reducing product returns from potential damages, allowing your facility to use less materials.