Multi-Depth boxes

multi-depth boxes

Our multi depth boxes offer strength, reliability, and versatility. Our multi-depth boxes are expertly crafted to fit your packaging needs. We offer multi-depth boxes that are constructed with strong corrugated material to protect your products during shipment.


Multi-depth boxes are versatile and customizable, built with your convenience in mind. With the customization abilities of multi depth boxes, your facility is able to ship a variety of items using one basic box, ensuring a perfect fit for your product. In multi-depth boxes, the sides of the box are creased at intervals, allowing you to cut the corners of the box down to the size that best fits your needs.


Our multi-depth boxes are crafted with 100% recyclable corrugated material. Multi-depth boxes lower your environmental impact by helping your facility avoid using unnecessary boxes which are the wrong size for your products; multi-depth boxes are customizable for your packaging needs, so that no material is wasted.


Our multi-depth boxes also help your facility lower your environmental impact by offering the ability to purchase multi-depth boxes in bundle or bale quantities. Ordering our multi-depth boxes in bundle or bale quantities can help your facility save both money and materials by avoiding frequent reorders of the product.



Features & Benefits

  • Corrugated cartons are all 100% recyclable.
  • All cartons ship and store flat to save space.
  • Order in bundle or bale quantities.
  • Minimize DIM weight by eliminating unnecessary box space.