Insulated Shippers and Cold Packs

insulated shippers

Our insulated shippers and cold packs are reliable for maintaining the insulation and integrity of your product! Our insulated shippers are tough enough to last through multiple shipping cycles and protect your perishable shipping products.


Any products that present unique shipping difficulties due to temperature constraints can be shipped safely.

Economical — shippers are lightweight, reusable and recyclable!


Shipper includes:

  • Seamless molded EPS foam body
  • Tight fitting lid
  • 200# / 32ect white corrugated carton

Cold Packs

Keep perishables at a constant and desirable temperature for days, or extend your shipping times. Our cold packs are the ultimate choice in refrigerant packs.

  • Tested and shown to be the coldest and best gel refrigerant available.
  •  Leak proof, reusable and economical to use.
  • Specifically formulated with food safe, non-toxic materials that stay colder than ice.

Re-Freez Cold Packs

The Refrigerator in a Bag!

RE-FREEZ-R-BRIX™ is a block of rigid foam that holds its shape frozen or thawed and is reusable. These refrigerants are non-toxic, sealed in a heavy plastic pouch, and are rated the best in foam refrigerants. Other products just don’t compare.


Protect from warming… Keeps perishables requiring a temperature range of 32°F to 60°F at a safe, uniform cool temperature for over 14 days.


Prevent thawing… Keeps frozen products chilled for an extended period of time.


Protects against freezing… When packaged in properly insulated containers, warmed RE-FREEZ-R-BRIXrelease heat, keeping perishables from freezing.