We understand that your high-value items, like cell phones, laptops, flat-screen televisions, and individual electronic components, need extra protection during shipping.


Investing in innovative, hybrid packaging materials that combine corrugated boxes with plastic casing, ensures your valuable electronic components don’t shift during shipment.


Security is the ideal factor in maintaining product integrity and helping your business to reduce product damages. Hybrid Casing, Retention Packaging, and Suspension Packaging are dynamic packaging options that are all designed to keep your electronic components in one secure position during shipment. Corrugated boxes are another form of packaging that is especially useful for electronic products, like laptops and flat-screen televisions, that require more space but need the same security as fragile electronic components. Investing in packaging materials and packaging equipment that can effectively seal your products in place during shipment saves your business time and money.


We understand that damage reduction is important to your business. Both small electronic components and larger electronic products are at risk for common shipping damages without durable packaging. Using strong packaging materials ensures that your business doesn’t lose money on damaged items and helps your business to lower your environmental impact. We offer customized solutions for your business that can help you determine the packaging process that would best help you reach your damage reduction goals.

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