Instapak FoamWrap Express

Instapack Foam Wrap

Instapak FoamWrap Express is a compact, bench mounted system that creates continuous foam-filled tubes that provide superior protection with minimal foam usage. A compact design, customizable programming and accumulation capability makes the Instapak FoamWrap Express system a perfect fit for any size packaging operation.


  • Produces up to 18 feet of continuous foam tubes per minute
  • Foam tube width options from 1″ up to 5″
  • Perforated tube quantities can be programmed for any packaging need


  • Damage Reduction: Over 15 different packaging foam formulations to create the precise type of protection your products require.
  • Fulfillment Velocity: Can create up to 18 ft of CFT per minute, the Instapak FoamWrap™ Express system can easily keep up with your production needs.
  • Cube Optimization: Reduces pack size and dimensional weight without sacrificing packaging performance. Continuous Foam Tubes (CFTs) may further reduce material usage.
  • Customer Experience: Instapak® foam cushions present a clean, no-mess appearance to your customers.