Microfoam XFS

microfilm xfs



  • An innovative material that is inherently lightweight. At roughly half the density of comparable polyethylene, Microfoam XFS PP foam is much easier to handle and more cost effective to ship.
  • Renowned for having a high coefficient of friction. In essence the material grips or immobilizes the product. This characteristic substantially lowers the risk of damage from product movement during transport (i.e. roller bruising of fruit).
  • The optimum choice for interleaving between produce layers or die-cut to line RPCs (returnable plastic containers). It can also be used as interleaving between layers of frozen foods.
  • Non-abrasive and chemically inert so it will not leave a residue on items with which it may come in contact.
  • Has better breathability characteristics than comparable to polyethylene foams. Microfoam XFS is a better choice when vapor transmission is a concern.
  • Can be converted in a number of ways to appropriately accommodate specific packaging applications. It can be perforated on a roll, sheeted, die-cut and/or laminated to films or kraft for added tear strength and puncture resistance.
  • Can be ventilated to help optimize gassing, ripening, and/or refrigeration of fresh produce during post-harvest treatment, storage and transportation.
  • Can also be laminated to Astro-Cell bubble cushioning for added immobilization. This innovative custom product, the Microfoam XFS Air-Pad, provides maximum stabilization of trays from top to bottom within product cases.
  • Works well with automated dispensing systems strategically positioned at a workstation, above a moving conveyor to automatically measure, cut and place Microfoam XFS pads into cartons.