Universal Inflation System


Sealed Air’s all-in-one universal inflation system gives you a broad range of BUBBLE WRAP® brand materials – from inflatable cushioning, to pouches, to air pillows, all with this single piece of equipment.




  • Optimize labor resources with the simple interface of BWI-1001 that will easily integrate with your current operation
  • High versatility with this universal system that can run over 80 types of materials for void fill, cushioning, or wrapping
  • Smart technology reduces errors
  • Automatically detects and configures to the right seal temperature, airflow, and pressure
  • Increase operational efficiency by producing up to 80 linear feet of cushioning per minute
  • Compact and lightweight – requires 52% less space than other on-demand inflation systems and 53% lighter weight
  • Multiple mounting options: table-top, floor stand with winder, or wall-mount