Accufill System

Ranpak Accufill


AccuFill is the breakthrough solution to optimizing the amount of void fill used in high volume packaging operations. 


As boxes come down the line, the AccuFill sensors scan the box to determine its size, measure the volume of the objects inside the box and compute the amount of paper needed to fill the void. It then signals the FillPak converter to dispense the exact amount of paper needed — no guesswork required. One of six standard analysis reports will compute the paper usage of the AccuFill® system by collecting data from each box ran through the system.



  • High Volume – Inline void fill system with output of up to 12 boxes per minute
  • Optimization – controls material usage to prevent over and under filling
  • Flexibility – ability to read and pre-program up to 26 unique box sizes
  • Management Control – six standard analysis reports available
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper
  • Fast – FillPak dispenses paper up to 55 inches per second