Econocorp E-System 2000

RESOURCES Automatic horizontal cartoner for erecting, loading and closing end load cartonsFeaturesSanitary construction (essentially stainless steel)Intermittent motionUp to 1500 cartons per hour (depending on carton styles and other factors)PLC ControlsCompact 78

microfilm xfs

Microfoam XFS

  An innovative material that is inherently lightweight. At roughly half the density of comparable polyethylene, Microfoam XFS PP foam is much easier to handle and more cost effective to ship.Renowned

Sigma Stretch Film Endure

Sigma Endure

RESOURCES Sigma Endure is a blown general-purpose hand film aimed at supporting a circular economy. This hand film has:25% PCR (Post Consumer Recyclate)Up to 50% other Recycled MaterialsUp to 25% Virgin

Return-Ready Paper Mailer

RESOURCES The next generation of paper mailers New return-ready paper fiber mailers from SEALED AIR are designed for two-way shipping with a self-seal return strip. Its heavy-duty laminated 2-ply kraft provides superior

sealed air-universal inflation system

Universal Inflation System

RESOURCES Sealed Air’s all-in-one universal inflation system gives you a broad range of BUBBLE WRAP® brand materials – from inflatable cushioning, to pouches, to air pillows, all with this single piece of

Sigma Vanish

RESOURCES Sigma Vanish is a revolutionary stretch film that is 100% recyclable and bio-assimilates. This film offers the same strength as other high performing Sigma stretch films, while offering sustainability that

Combi TF 40G Tray Former

TF 40G Tray Former

RESOURCES The Combi TF 40G high speed tray former powers through up to 40 trays per minute, allowing you to increase the rate of tray production while occupying a smaller footprint.

Combi BCF Beverage Carrier Former

BCF Beverage Carrier Former

RESOURCES The mechanically designed BCF forms four pack and six pack chipboard carriers which can feed any number of our case packers for a complete bottle packaging line. If you are in the beverage

Combi HTF Horizontal Tray Former

HTF Horizontal Tray Former

RESOURCES The Combi HTF fully automatic tray former features heavy-duty welded steel construction and is ideal for high volume tray forming production. The HTF will form side slotted, end slotted and design

Combi RCE Case Erector

RCE Robotic Random Case Erector

RESOURCES The Combi RCE Robotic Random Case Erector combines a FANUC M20iA/20 six-axis robot with multiple case magazines and a bottom flap folder with an integrated 3M™ tape head for random box erecting. The

Combi Ambidextrous 2-EZ HS

Ambidextrous Bottom Taping 2-EZ® HS Case Erector

RESOURCES Do you use a variety of corrugated cases with different print orientation? Is your production area cluttered with multiple case erectors, or worse yet, piles of manually formed and sealed cases? Combi now