Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Labels

At Piedmont, our main focus area is variable imaged products. We carry an extensive selection of stock direct thermal labels in both roll and fanfold formats, in both non-top coated and

Integrated Labels

Integrated Labels

IMPROVE LOGISTICSOne of the most popular applications of integrated labels is a shipping label form. It combines the shipping label with other documents such as a packing list or invoice

Digital Labels

Digital Labels

DLS digital helps you build your short run business with rich 4-color process printing in ANY shape label up to 8.7“ wide (with up to 10” wide web) in virtually

HMIS Label

HMIS Labels

The Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) was developed for employees who work with or near hazardous materials. They need to be able to quickly determine and understand the potential hazard

Pictorial Label

Pictorial International Labels

These labels use standardized, internationally recognized, pictures to educate the user on how to handle specific types of products during the shipping and warehousing processes. We offer many types of pictorial

Mailing Labels

Mailing Labels

Piedmont National offers many labels to assist you in properly identifying the care needed to handle their mailed items. They are designed to catch the attention of the postal worker,

ORM label

ORM Labels

ORM stands for “Other Regulated Materials” according to D.O.T. regulations 49 CFR 172.316. They are used to easily and quickly mark shipments that fall under this category, such as aerosols,


Fragile Labels

Call attention to fragile items with these labels. Pressure SensitiveMultiple sizes, colors and styles availableBold text to attract attentionIdentify and alert employees to fragile items

Do Not Double Stack

Do Not Double Stack Labels

Do not stack eliminate handwritten instructions with easy to read pallet protection labels. Do not double stack labels can protect your pallet. Pressure sensitiveStand outEasy to read textPrevent damaged productProtect your

Refrigerate label

Refrigerate Shipping Label

Ensure proper handling of your cold goods with a refrigerate upon arrival label. Bright ColorsEasy to readDecreases product damage

Top Load Only

Top Load Only Label

Top load only labels notify the members of your warehousing team- protecting your palletized product from damage. Pressure SensitiveBright fluorescent colorsEasy to read text

Mixed Merchandise

Mixed Merchandise Label

Ensure proper handling by using mixed merchandise labels. These large pressure sensitive labels are easy to read and they increase visibility by using bright colors. Pressure SensitiveRecommended for palletsBright colorsEasy to