Astro-Bubble Green

Astro-Bubble Green

Astro-Bubble GreenAstro-Bubble Green contains up to 40% recycled content to provide high-quality, durable protective air cushioning for surface cover, packing fragile items, and void-fill. Astro-Bubble Green air cushioning bubble is

Astro Cell


RESOURCES Pregis offers the superior performance of Astro-Cell Plus barrier bubble technology. Astro-Cell Plus cushioning costs the same as the Astro-Cell “LD” mono extruded product, yet it is stronger, lighter, more


EZ Bubble-Out Bags

RESOURCES Pregis’ new EZ Bubble-Out bags-on-a-roll dispense cushioned bags at the point-of-use for increased productivity — and increased savings. EZ Bubble-Out Bag FeaturesBags on a perforated roll makes packaging quicker and easier than

top sheets

Top Sheets

Top sheets act as a moisture and dust barrier for the topper bottom of the pallet, protecting your items from unnecessary damage. Protect your product from weather, dust, paint, water,

corrugated sheets

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated sheets provide a durable, thin layer of protection between product layers during palletizing and shipping.

Slip Sheets Product Image

Slip Sheets

Slip sheets provide a protective barrier to separate and protect items.   BenefitsReduce transportation weight and costMaximize warehouse spaceIncrease product protectionReduce damageSave storage spaceDecrease freight costSafer to useFewer failuresMoisture resistantLonger life span

Cell-Aire Foam

Cell-Aire Foam

RESOURCES Cell-Aire foam packaging material is a cleaner, more efficient and cost-effective solution for a range of packaging applications. Backed by the Sealed Air reputation for technical innovation, service and quality,



RESOURCES Cellu-Mask is easy-to-handle material saves labor, increases productivity and reduces costs. Affixes readily to a wide range of highly-polished or painted metal surfaces or smooth plastic substrates. Adhesive holds protection


Cushion-Lite Polyethylene Foam

RESOURCES Superior, versatile packing protection for most surfaces – without excess weight. Cushion-Lite Foam is an easy-to- wrap material that protects and gently cushions. Its light-weight, closed-cell structure provides a unique “bounce-back

microfilm xfs

Microfoam XFS

  An innovative material that is inherently lightweight. At roughly half the density of comparable polyethylene, Microfoam XFS PP foam is much easier to handle and more cost effective to ship.Renowned

Astro-Foam Renew

Astro-Foam Renew

Astro-Foam Renew is a cost effective, flexible, all-purpose sheet foam containing at least 15% recycled pre-consumer raw material content. Perfect for a variety of packaging and non-packaging challenges, Astro-Foam Renew