VS1 Vacuum Sealer

VacPack Vacuum Sealer VS1

RESOURCES Plexpack’s VacPack Series are robust, stainless steel food-grade sealers that create modified atmosphere packages for a wide range of package sizes, including extra wide and heavy products. VacPack vacuum sealers

VacPack VP Series

VacPack VP Series

RESOURCES https://youtu.be/QYw3mEFg33E Plexpack’s VacPack VP Series set the standard for food, protein, electronics and medical packagers that require a heavy-duty, washdown vacuum, and gas flush sealer at a moderate investment. Plexpack’s VacPack VP

IPG Genysys

SuperFlex Brand Genesys 20X8500

RESOURCES Easily handles difficult loads that are not uniform with the pallet, have an incomplete top layer or have slip sheets which protrude beyond the packed product. High pre-stretch levels engineered

IPG 1100

1100 3 Mil Premium Hot Melt CST

RESOURCES Premium BOPP film backed carton sealing tape, specially formulated with Corru-GripTM pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive technology. For optimal closure of recycled corrugate boxes, and in application environments down to


PS1 Premium Grade Flatback Tape

RESOURCES Royal blue heavy-duty paper flatback backing, non-printable release coat, and pressure-sensitive natural rubber/resin adhesive. Royal blue color provides easy identification of splices, even in high speed operations. Product is not

IPG Stretch Flex SSC

StretchFlex Brand SSC

RESOURCES “True single-sided cling,” balanced to prevent loads from sticking together and providing a secure wipedown. Exceptional puncture resistance ensures you can wrap irregular loads while retaining high prestretch levels. Excellent


StretchFlex Brand HWIV

RESOURCES IPG’s cast stretch film features “quiet unwind” and secure cling, eliminating the distracting noise many films generate. Elevated load retention provides consistent wraps for everyday usage.  Superior optics means your


6151QT 1.7 Mil Cold Temp Utility Hot Melt CST

RESOURCES Cold temperature biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film carton sealing tape with specially designed pressure- sensitive hot melt adhesive offers a safe and attractive seal in cold, damp environments. Excellent processing performance