Stretch Film

UVI-UV Stabilized Film

MUB is Sigmas high quality secure blown film with UVI additive. MUB is designed for application where exceptional puncture and tear resistance are required during outdoor storage. With its unrivaled

Bundling Film

Bundling Film

LSC is a premium cast bundling film available in 3″ and 5″ widths. It is ideal for unitizing several small items into one package or even for applying to the


Paragon Nexus Machine Film

RESOURCES An evolutionary film that is the next level of performance. Nexus is at the core of all the machine film requirements. This film offers exceptional load containment and control, incomparable

Ultimate Force

Paragon Ultimate Force Machine Film

RESOURCES Ultimate Force Machine Film offers proven performance for high end stretch wrapping applications. If you need optimum performance regardless of gauge, Ultimate Force film is the right choice for your

Global Force

Global Machine Film

RESOURCES Global Force is a “globally” applicable film that helps support our philosophy that market saturation is a rule and not the exception. Global Force is “the” workhorse machine film with

Cold Force

Cold Force Machine Stretch Film

RESOURCES Cold Force is the right stretch film if you need guaranteed wipe down of the film tail. This film is great in extreme cold or dusty environments where film tails

Sigma Select

Sigma Select Cast Machine Film

RESOURCES General Purpose film, Priced Competitive, Chosen for most A & B Loads SELECT CAST is our best selling general purpose, cast co-extruded stretch film. This versatile, competitively priced stretch film’s

Sigma Summit

Sigma Summit Cast Machine Film

RESOURCES Ultra-Premium, One-Side Cling with Easy Unwind for High Speed Machines SUMMIT CAST is Sigma Stretch Film’s newest, ultra-premium, one-side cling, up to 300% pre-stretch, cast co-extruded film. Easy unwind assures great

Pro Max Super Micron

Pro-Max Super Micron Hand Film

Pro-Max super Micron Hand Film is a technologically advanced cast hand film designed with premium resin blends and manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment. Unsurpassed load-holding force keeps loads in place coupled

Stretch Max

Malpack- Stretch Max

Stretch Max is a cast machine film designed for a variety of load applications. This film gives you the maximum flexibility with high pre-stretch levels, excellent puncture, and high containment


Malpack- ProMax

ProMax machine film is a high performance film that delivers exceptional clarity, enhanced puncture resistance, and excellent force-to-load all in a cost effective package. Our convenient packaging and roll configurations

Platinum Max Machine Film

Malpack- Platinum Max

Platinum Max Machine Film is an ultra performing stretch film with unmatched puncture resistance. This proven high performing product is available in lower gauges with exceptional holding force on pallet