One of the most valuable aspects of automotive packaging revolves around protecting high-value components necessary for the assembly of automotive products.


Whether parts are shipped to a large retailer, local car mechanic, or car manufacturer, all parts are shipped with product integrity in mind. Large automotive components, like engines, tires, or car bumpers, can be transported through freight shipment. Some large items can be shipped in strong corrugated boxes, after being sufficiently padded with void fill materials.

Reduce Damage

Packaging options that are lightweight, space-saving, and strong reduce the risk of shipping damages. Your automotive business can create a reliable packaging process by investing in reusable packaging and expendable packaging.


Cost-Effective Packaging

Utilizing expendable packaging using single-use materials, like corrugated boxes, can be a more cost-efficient option for your business than shipping products in reusable containers. Corrugated boxes are a strong, secure, and reliable option to protect your valuable items, and reduce materials costs. Utilize single wall, double wall, and heavy-duty boxes to ensure your fragile automotive parts, like window glass, can remain intact.



Handheld containers, bulk bins, pallets, lids, sleeve packs, foam void fill, partition structures, and steel shipping racks are common reusable containers. Reusable packaging is a cost-effective and sustainable shipping option that allows your automotive business to lower your environmental impact while keeping your fragile items protected.


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