Samuel P702

Samuel P702-12


The P702 is a high speed automatic strapping machine. It features several creative designs that make it the most operator friendly machine in its class.


The operator control panel is hinged to allow access from either side of the machine. The Smart LCD display offers enhanced diagnostics and the ability to make adjustments.


The P702 features an inside mount strap dispenser that hinges up for strap loading at waist height or an outside mount dispenser for strap loading at waist height on the 12mm P702. The new quick release dispenser flange lock knob makes coil changes faster.


All P702 series machines have a hinged open top plate for easy access to the strapping head. They also feature quick release feed guides for immediate access to the strap feed system with the need for tools.



  • Up to 60 Straps per Minute
  • 12 mm Polypropylene Strapping
  • High Performance DC Brushless Motor Technology
  • Precision Electronic Tension up to 100 lbs Loop Ejector
  • Coil End Strap Ejector
  • Anti Jam Technology
  • Auto Strap Loading at Waist Height Foot Bar, Photo Eye and Panel Switchare
  • Standard on All Machines
  • Track Design Insures Precision Strap Placement
  • Roller Table Tops on 33” Wide Sizes and Up