Samuel P100 Strapper

Samuel P100 edited


The P100 Trackless Strapping Machine is Samuel’s most versatile and economical strapping machine. Completely portable and very compact, this table top style strapping machine requires only six feet of floor space, yet can strap virtually any shape or size of product bundle or package that can be placed on the machine. The P100 is made to handle a wide variety of packaging applications including: corrugated cartons, lumber, metal and plastic tubing, paper, as well as soft, fragile packages or materials. It is especially productive for low volume applications without sacrificing efficiency and reliability. The P100 will automatically tension, heat seal, cut the strap, and immediately pre-feed for the next application. The P100 Strapping Machine: trackless, versatile and economical!

The P100 is a trackless, automatic feed, completely portable, strapping machine that is made for low volume applications. The operator positions the package using the simple, but accurate adjustable stops. Strap feed can be adjusted to consistently pre-feed the desired length of strap. A simple tug on the strap-end will release additional strap for the occasional larger package. The strap is positioned around the package and inserted into the strapping head. The P100 does the rest.


The strap tension on the P100 easily adjusts up to 150 Ibs (667N). The strap operation permits application of up to 16 polypropylene straps per minute. In addition, quick changeover from one strap size (1/4” (6mm).