Samuel P715 Strapping Machine

Samuel P715


The P715 combines a heavy-duty frame design with the high operating speeds and precision strap placement of many of the newer machines. It features several proven designs that make it the most operator-friendly machine in its class.


The operator control panel is located on the tabletop of the machine for easy access. A diagnostics display monitors the electrical operating system for instant solutions should a problem arise.


The three-motor seal engine design provides a high level of performance while greatly reducing the number of moving parts when compared to other machines. The proven track design assures precise parallel strap placements at high speed.


The P715 features an outside mount dispenser for fast auto strap loading. The dispenser can be adjusted to work with 8×8 coils or 9×8 coils. The machine can be set up to operate with 5mm, 6mm (1/4”), 3/8”, or ½” machine-grade Polypropylene strapping.