Samuel P205 Strapping Machine

Samuel P205


The P205 is the most versatile Table Top Strapping Machine in its class. The heavy-duty seal engine is an innovative new design that can produce more tension than comparable machine models. The electric tension and strap weld controls are similar to those found on much higher-priced automatic machines. The temperature and cooling delay can be set to allow for precise results with most polypropylene and polyester strapping. 


This portable 110-volt machine comes with adjustable table height and locking casters. The reinforced welded steel frame and table top will hold up in very demanding applications. 


The controls are simple to use and allow for quick, precise strapping to any product fitting its application range. The external electrical tension dial can be easily changed to apply the desired tension. The strapping will feed out a pre-determined amount after each cycle is completed. A simple dial adjustment will set the length, and repeat each time. Additional strapping can be dispensed by activating the strap feed pushbutton. A reset pushbutton returns the machine to its starting position.