The P350 Pneumatic friction sealing tool is ideally suited for heavy industrial strapping applications and is particularly suitable for continuous operation under the most demanding conditions. The P350 has been used successfully in the Aluminum, Metals, Paper, Lumber, PVC Pipe and Building industries.



  • Rugged design for industrial applications
  • Pneumatically powered,very reliable and service friendly
  • Ten stage strap tension adjustment for perfect tensioning
  • Individually set sealing time for specific strap quality and thickness
  • Hightension-850lbs. (3780 N)
  • Strap capacity to1-1/4″ (32 mm)
  • No seals
  • Single button operation available for automatic tensioning and sealing


Adjustment elements:
The sealing and cooling time are adjusted with a flat screwdriver which allows you to adjust to different strap qualities.


Operation levers:
The ergonomically arranged tensioning and sealing levers permits a fast operation of the tool (single button tools have one lever only).


Strap tension knob:
The strap tension knob allows the adjustment of ten different stages of tension.


Strap inserting lever:
Through the activation of the strap insertion lever, the feed wheel and the strap holding device are lifted pneumatically so that the strap is easily inserted into the tool. The strap is then positively locked in the tool allowing for easy slack strap take-up before tensioning.


The proven friction weld technology guarantees a high seal joint efficiency.