Cord Strapping and Accessories

Cord Strapping Accessories


  • Less expensive vs. steel strapping
  • Safer to use, handle, and dispose
  • Up to 4X lighter, easier to carry
  • Clean, will not stain or rust
  • Elastic memory keeps loads tight

3 Types of Cord Strapping


BONDED CORD STRAPPING (non-woven) Bonded cord strap is used as a safe, inexpensive product for bundling and securing a wide variety of items across a multitude of industries. From agriculture, landscaping, automotive, printing, light building products, to baling corrugated and plastic for recycling, bonded cord strapping is your best solution.


WOVEN CORD STRAPPING Woven strapping provides additional bi-directional strength and split resistance often required in harsher environments. General purpose woven cord strapping is cost effective and ideal for securing and bundling light to medium/ heavy loads for most industries. Heavy duty and extra heavy duty cord strapping are super tough-high tensile products designed for application to replace more expensive steel strapping. These products are used primarily for securing heavy and extra heavy loads in the bundling, metal and plastics industries as well as for rail car load securement.


COMPOSITE CORD STRAPPING Composite strapping is made from polyester fibers coated with clear polypropylene. The clear polypropylene coating provides added water resistance protection and improved handling properties when threading the strapping under pallets and through metal buckles.



  • Non-abrasive, non-marring
  • Requires one tool to tension
  • Can be hand tied in some cases
  • Edge guards may not be needed
  • AAR approved sizes available

Phosphate finished buckles are for bonded and all woven cord to achieve proper joint strength.


Galvanized finished buckles are for Composite cord to achieve proper joint strength.

These handy cord strapping kits were designed especially for multi-purpose eld securing applications. They are lightweight, portable, and super convenient for securing and bundling in just about any location. They come as a complete system with a coil of strapping and a sufcient supply of metal buckles. There’s everything you need to get the job done right without the use of expensive tools. The kits are offered in two versions consisting of the following:



1coil 1⁄2″x1500’white woven cord 650 lb test
200 – 1⁄2″ metal buckles Weight 9lbs



1coil 3⁄4″x1000’white woven cord 950 lb test
150 – 3⁄4″ metal buckles Weight 12lbs