The apparel industry benefits most from an efficient and reliable packaging system, built to handle a large volume of products that are either shipped to retail stores or directly to the customer.


Your business can reduce waste by shipping your products with the correct packaging materials.

To keep garments protected during shipment, invest in strong materials such as Poly Mailers, that are lightweight, tear resistant, and recyclable, with a secure closure. Apparel businesses that are shipping products to be sold in retail stores, may be focusing on packaging in bulk. For larger apparel shipments, corrugated boxes can be more efficient than packaging individual items in mailing bags. Whether your apparel business is shipping a bulk order or soft goods, strong corrugated material ensures that your products are effectively protected during shipment.


We understand the importance of quick and efficient packaging equipment for your apparel business. Semi-automatic bagging systems are an excellent asset for shipping warehouses to utilize, for a fast, secure, and reliable bagging process. Apparel businesses that use a bagging system alongside a labeler can reduce labor and increase production speed. Investing in a bagging system that scans and applies shipping labels, requires little operator involvement, and streamlines your shipping process.

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