Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment Bagger

Clamco R3200


The Rollbag™ R3200 Fulfillment automatic bagger is an elite mail order fulfillment bagging system. This automatic bagger works with poly tubing as well as bags on a roll. The benefits of poly tubing include lower material costs as well as right-sizing of the bag to the product by changing bag length on the fly, lowering shipping costs, and reducing material usage.


The Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment bagger is equipped with a label printer applicator, to create a fully integrated batch-less order fulfillment bagging solution. A thermal transfer printer option is also available, allowing you to print directly on the bag material. Furthermore, this bagger can be equipped with a TwinPrint® dual-sided label printer applicator to include the shipping information and packing slip on a single label.


Features & Benefits

The R3200XL Fulfillment can either be equipped with a label applicator that applies a direct thermal label onto the bag (no need for ribbon) or with a thermal transfer printer that prints directly on the bag using ribbon. Furthermore, the R3200XL is available in a base version that only works with pre-made bags, on a roll or fan-folded in a box, as well as a version that also works with poly tubing.


This bagger is ideal for e-commerce, order fulfillment and distribution facilities that require the highest level of performance in their order fulfillment packaging operation.


The standard Rollbag R3200 works with bags up to 16″ wide x 24″ long and has a seal bar opening of up to 6″ (8″ opening optional). The larger Rollbag R3200XL Fulfillment works with bags up to 22″ wide x 36″ long and features a seal bar opening of up to 11″.

The Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment bagger includes a 1-year limited warranty, extendable up to 5-years when exclusively using Rollbag brand bags on a roll or poly tubing!