Rollbag 575B Automatic Bagger

Clamco 575B Rollbag Bagging System


Open, fill, and seal any pre-opened bag on a roll with the Rollbag® 575B automatic bagger. This machine makes bag packaging quick and easy. The Rollbag 575B is a semi-automatic bag filling and sealing machine. The seal jaw is electrically powered and activated by a foot switch, which will also automatically advance the next bag to the fill position. After filling, simply separate the bag at the perforations and insert it into the seal jaw and activate the foot switch. This unit processes poly, food grade and anti-static pre-made bags on a roll up to 15 times per minute.


Features & Benefits:

  • Precise bag length control adjustment
  • Fast bag repositioning control (forward or reverse) for ease of set up and use
  • Front roll access for easy roll mounting and threading
  • Adjustable sealing/dwell controls provide precisely timed, high quality seals
  • Electric foot switch for fast, efficient operation
  • Portable, compact tabletop design