Medical Mailers

Medical Mailers

Medical mailers are the perfect solution for all of your pharmaceutical and medical mailing needs. They provide optimum privacy while providing high-quality protection for your products, including x-rays, pharmaceuticals, lab bags, and bio-hazard items.


Lab Bags are made from durable, moisture and leak resistant co-extruded polyethylene. Open-end or open-side constructed bags with a special leak-resistant and tamper-evident self-seal adhesive closure system. Burst resistant side pouch seals are also a special feature. Designed as an overwrap or secondary packaging for any shipments that require containment from possible leakage of primary packaging. A common use is for the transport via courier of bodily fluids for testing in centralized laboratories.


Key Features

Lab Bags utilizes the latest manufacturing technology to produce our highly reliable laboratory specimen and pharmaceutical bags with the following key features:


  • Extremely durable clear co-extruded (3-layer structure) polyethylene film
  • Tamper-evident self-seal adhesive closure system
  • Open-end or open-side constructed bags
  • Burst resistant side pouch seals
  • Moisture and leak resistant