Rollbag™ R1275 Vision Automatic Bagger

Clamco Rollbag R1275


Automatic bulk counting and bagging system combines speed and accuracy for packaging small products.


The Rollbag R1275 Vision Automatic Bagger is an extremely accurate automatic bulk counting and bagging system for packaging small parts. The compact system combines an industry proven automatic bagger with an advanced vision system. When used together the system can count and bag large quantities of small parts quickly.


Features & Benefits:

  • Super accurate DATA vision system  that relies on advanced mathematical algorithms to count bulk parts ranging in size from 0.25″ to 1″ at up to 99.9% accuracy
  • Can fill and seal bags significantly faster than manual packaging, delivering exceptional efficiency and value
  • The use of Rollbag brand pre-opened bags on a roll allows for fast packaging speeds to be achieved and bag size changeover can be accomplished quickly
  • Fastest automatic bagger in its class and is designed for multi-shift production
  • Exceptional performance of this automatic bagger is accomplished through smart design, a powerful PLC, and a unique stepper motor drive.